Bed Etiquette: How To Behave So That You Are Not Abandoned Immediately After The First Night

Bed Etiquette: How To Behave So That You Are Not Abandoned Immediately After The First Night
Bed Etiquette: How To Behave So That You Are Not Abandoned Immediately After The First Night

In order not to "go into stock ahead of time" and not to remain just a pleasant (or not so) memory for a man who you really like, you need to adhere to some unspoken rules. And this is not at all about the demeanor (although this is certainly also important). tells what rules of sex etiquette it is better not to break if you do not want the first night with a new acquaintance not to be the last.


"But how to understand what can be done or not, if sex etiquette is not taught anywhere?" - may be asked by those who, for some reason, have novels that end as soon as they have begun, or expectations of unearthly pleasure turn into torture, or a meaningless process. How not to become a predictable boring person, closeness with whom does not bode well? Or, on the contrary, a too intrusive lady, from whom you want to escape almost immediately after meeting?

Safety comes first

No matter how much you want to rip off your partner's clothes and indulge in passion right here and now, first make sure that everything will be safe and comfortable. Experts remind that unprotected sex can damage your health, so do not neglect basic rules - be sure to stock up on contraceptives before a date (do not forget that contraceptives can only protect you from unwanted pregnancies, but not from sexually transmitted diseases, so have handbag several condoms are required). Some ladies naively believe that the partner will take care of this, however, according to the men themselves, it is much more pleasant for them to feel the chosen one, and not "latex", so they will refuse to use rubber products under any pretexts. Do not get fooled by these tricks, because in the end you will have to manage the negative consequences yourself. Sexual safety is the concern of both participants in the process and the opportunity to once again emphasize how responsibly you approach the issue.

Ability to avoid conflicts

The ability to get out of any situations (including romantic ones) with dignity and extinguish an impending conflict in time is worth a lot. This is another rule of sexual etiquette to follow if you want to maintain your relationship with your partner. Try to be humorous about some awkward moments during intimacy, or not focus on them at all. In addition, do not try to arrange an interrogation or find out the juicy details of the personal life of your chosen one. If he wants, he will tell him himself, and if he does not consider it necessary, it means that you should not be offended or scandalized. Sex is a pleasure, and an opportunity to find out once again who is right and who is wrong.

Moderation is better than unnecessary questions

To prevent your romantic date from becoming a misunderstanding, try not to show all your skill right away (even if you really have something to show). Don't be like actors from adult films, because what looks tempting on screen can harm you or your reputation in real life. After all, the more actively you portray an "experienced lady", the more questions your chosen one will have. According to the men themselves, they immediately start scrolling spicy scenes in their heads, wondering how good they are in bed, and at the same time - how many gentlemen you had, since you are so masterful in coping with the most difficult positions.And even if they don't ask you directly, they will still torment themselves with questions about the number of their predecessors. And there is already an excuse that you just watched thematic films or attended educational trainings will not help - your partner may decide that you are leading him by the nose and in general, rather than trying to surpass you, it is better to find someone who is closer to them in experience and temperament, so that study the Kamasutra together and improve especially tempting options.

No mention of ex

Just remember that discussing your past romances in bed is taboo. And the point. There is no need to stir up the past, even if "Kolya did it a little better, but Petya in general could give me pleasure for hours." Stop comparing your partner to his predecessors, because this way you can inadvertently offend the person and ruin the impression of yourself. And who then wants to continue the relationship if one of the partners is fixated on his past and cannot delete the ex in any way. According to statistics, usually ladies sin with this, not seeing anything wrong in motivating their chosen one for bed exploits, because “Seryozha kissed me so that the earth floated out from under my feet, and Igor knew all the erogenous points on my body and skillfully did it used ". Alas, by this you do not motivate the gentleman, but, on the contrary, make him run away, without even really showing all his skills and talents. As men admit, for them it is like "dragging someone else to bed." Why all these "exes" if you are, he and a passion that is difficult to curb.

Play, don't flirt

It will not be superfluous to remind you once again that you should not imitate actors from adult films and try to repeat everything that you have ever seen on the screen. Remember that men can easily recognize falsehood and the desire to seem better than you are. What for? You are already beautiful, and you have already found yourself in the arms of the gentleman you like. Just be yourself and enjoy the moment, because there is nothing more sexual than a sincere desire to please your partner. Believe me, this turns on a lot more than trying to surprise or impress the chosen one with some of your talents.

Sensitivity and tact

Try to smooth out sharp corners and translate any negative points into a joke. Immediately discuss boundaries that should never be violated (and at the same time come up with a so-called "stop word" that will stop the process at the first request). Act gently and tactfully, guide and encourage your partner and then your chosen one will look for meetings with you again and again.

There is a contact!

Since you are just getting to know each other and "getting acquainted" with sexual appetites, do not forget to give feedback so that your partner immediately understands what gives you pleasure or what actions cause discomfort. First, it will help you understand each other better and reach a bright ending. And secondly, you will recommend yourself in the most favorable light. The man will understand that you respect his sexual needs and demand the same attitude towards yourself. You know exactly what you want to get from a partner and how to diversify your intimate life, if you suddenly need it.

After that, is he obliged to marry?

Some ladies, almost during the first intimacy, begin to talk about the wedding, children and further life together. Men are put into a stupor by such phrases, and instead of being inspired and doing something pleasant for you, they begin to think about how to quickly escape from you and never intersect again under any pretext. Representatives of the sterner sex are frightened by the very idea that almost after the very first date the lady will drag them to the registry office, take possession of their living space and other property. Therefore, even if you already clearly imagined the future with your new chosen one in your thoughts, try at least not to voice them right away, otherwise, instead of a stormy night of love, you will get a showdown, resentment and disappointment.

The art of leaving on time

Experts argue that ending dates on time and leaving beautifully is a real art that should be learned if you want to become the femme fatale that men dream of.Therefore, do not strive to stay with him until the morning at the very first meeting (it is better to call a taxi, allowing the man to miss you, over and over again scrolling through the moments of intimacy in his head) or "forget" some of the things in his apartment (one thing if he himself asked you for something "as a keepsake" and another - to try to indicate his presence, showing that the territory is occupied). It is better to thank your boyfriend for a great time, repeat exactly which moments you liked and make it clear that you would not mind meeting him again. Before bed, you can send an encouraging message, but only one! It is unlikely that anyone will like it when they are attacked with messages asking for further plans. Even if your meeting does not become the beginning of something more serious, you will have wonderful memories of intimacy with a sexy handsome man and the opportunity to find a suitable gentleman with whom you will not only want to make love sometimes, but plan something more serious and lasting.


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