How A Man's Kiss Shows His Feelings

How A Man's Kiss Shows His Feelings
How A Man's Kiss Shows His Feelings

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Philematology is the science of kissing. Are you surprised? But she really exists and is engaged in the study of the physiological and psychological characteristics of the kiss of people. So, this science has established several types of kisses.


Among them:

  • friendly;
  • respectful (kissing the hand, rings on it, and among some African tribes - kissing the feet of the leader or even his trace);
  • ritual (people kiss inanimate objects before which they bow down: banners, objects of religious worship, native land, etc.);
  • touched (mostly addressed to children);
  • related;
  • air;
  • love.

The latter has so many varieties and shades that it deserves special attention. Kisses between a man and a woman can be divided into tender and passionate. Moreover, a gentle one can very quickly turn into a passionate one, if both partners are ready for an intimate relationship and try to convey this in a kiss.

But more often than not, the first tender kiss is the study of a partner. It is he who decides whether to continue the relationship with this person. A special survey conducted by a group of American researchers found that 71 percent of men and 69 percent of women used a kiss to indicate that they would not mind going to bed with their partner. A kiss in this case means much more important for women than for men. The same survey showed that half of men are ready to start intimacy without a kiss, and more than 80 percent of girls said that they are not ready for sexual intercourse without a kiss.

When “contact is established,” a man more than a woman expresses his emotions with kisses. Touching his lips to various parts of the partner's body, he thus shows his attitude towards her, or gives a sign hinting at a certain desire. For example, if there is already a connection between partners, with a kiss on the cheek at the meeting, a man shows that he is glad to see a woman and values ​​her.

The neck is considered an erogenous zone, and a kiss on it is a direct invitation to intimacy. In the United States, a case was recorded when a man received a prison sentence for sexual harassment after kissing a woman on the neck.

The ambiguous attitude of women towards a kiss in the eye. In Europe, it is often just a sign of attention between young people (the same as a kiss on the cheek). In Russia, it is not so widespread, and in some areas it is even a bad omen - supposedly this is for parting. In fact, according to the observations of psychologists specializing in philematology, if a man kisses a woman in the eyes, it means that he treats her like a child and is ready to take care of her.

Roughly the same means a kiss on the forehead, caring for a loved one, a willingness to tackle his problems.

But many people have a prejudice associated with this kiss (they usually kiss the dead on the forehead). And it is not unfounded. If a man decides to part with a woman, then after the duty officer "call" and a kiss on the forehead, the woman has no reason to wait for him. A man kisses you on the nose - pay attention, this happens only when you are in a bad mood, offended or upset about something. Thus, he tries to distract you with sad thoughts, cheer you up and, of course, draw attention to himself.

Psychology professor from the USA Wendy Hill, in the course of a series of experiments, found an answer to the question of why a kiss causes a surge of positive emotions. Scientists from the College of Lafayette, Pennsylvania, led by Professor Hill, measured the level of cortisol and oxytocin in a dozen couples in love before and after a kiss. It turned out that the stress hormone cortisol decreased in all without exception. But oxytocin, which is responsible for attachment, increased only in men.

Kissing hands has several meanings.Respect - if you just kiss the brush; a hint of relationship development when it comes to kissing the wrist; and longing for kissing fingers. Passionate kisses on the mouth not only literally scream about raging feelings, but also have a positive effect on health. Specialists of the recently created US Kissing Association recommend kissing in this way for at least three minutes. First, according to gerontologists, during a kiss, the release of chemical compounds responsible for the aging of the body slows down, the skin becomes more elastic due to the tension of more than thirty facial muscles involved in the kiss. Secondly, according to dentists, wet kisses promote the release of special saliva, which contains a large percentage of potassium and phosphorus, which helps to protect teeth from caries and periodontal disease. And thirdly, nutritionists say, 12 calories are consumed during a passionate long kiss (girls, take a note!). In general, experts of the Association say, a passionate kiss activates metabolic processes in the body and increases the blood supply to the brain. In the course of it, chemical compounds are released that have an effect on the brain similar to a narcotic, but its strength is more than two hundred times higher than the effect of morphine. To make it clearer, let us explain: initially, narcotic substances activate all processes in the human body: his brain works many times more actively, and endurance increases. With prolonged use of narcotic substances, all this passes into the stage of "attenuation", and then the drug begins to destroy and kill the body. But kisses have no subsequent destruction effect: the longer and more passionately you kiss, the better for you and your health.

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