How To Diversify Your Intimate Life In Marriage

How To Diversify Your Intimate Life In Marriage
How To Diversify Your Intimate Life In Marriage

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The issue of "everyday life" worries many couples who have lived with each other for enough years. Even at the initial stage of family life, everyday life may not like to embroil the newlyweds.


Why is this happening? Someone over the years loses interest in their partner, does not find common themes. And younger people are not yet adapted to living together. From these factors, quarrels and scandals arise, which can escalate into divorce. But in order to prevent this, to make your relationship stronger and more trusting, you should pay attention to your intimate life. It is the variety of sex at home that will add sincerity, brightness and fuse in the eyes of each partner. In order to learn how to have sex with your husband / wife for general pleasure - we recommend reading our article.

Today we will talk about juicy questions. We will tell you interesting and practical ways to add variety to sex. Our methods and answers will help you become more active in your intimate life.

How to start sex with your wife?

The wife wants unusual sex, what should I do?

How to improve sex with your husband?

Wife and husband, home fun for joint pleasure.

Couples in bed, where to start?

This advice should be given special attention to men. Because most guys like to get right down to business without caring about their woman. But by showing concern, men - you will get maximum pleasure and see that your wife can be an excellent lover. Therefore:

Create a pleasant evening atmosphere. Invite a lady to a restaurant, or cook your own dinner. Play some relaxing music. Look at your girlfriend with enchanted eyes. Add contact communication by touching her hands and her face.

Caress. It is worth moving on to more intimate actions if you see that your partner wants to continue the romantic evening. Start kissing your woman gently and softly in active erogenous zones. Neck, lips, back, ears - it is believed that many women are thrilled by kissing these parts of the body. With the help of a gentle hug, get closer.

The longer the foreplay, the better. Affectionate removal of clothes will make it clear to the girl that you care about her. Pleasant touches of stimulating zones will excite. Do not be ashamed of something, sex is a time of experimentation and discovery. Try to arouse her with oral sex. For girls, foreplay is one of the most pleasant and expected parts. Try to stretch her enjoyment as long as possible. She will answer you with even greater dedication.

Good arousal is great sex. In all people, when excited, a "secret" is released - a lubricant. The more a woman has, the easier and without pain the process of sex will go. Make sure the girl has enough lubrication with foreplay.

Penetrate. In the truest sense of the word. Don't forget about contraceptive methods. Penetration into the female vagina is considered the most pleasant stage for men. Try different positions. New to having sex with a wife, for many, is simply turning on the light. This may at first embarrass both, but then it will not be embarrassing. Because seeing each other's naked bodies - the excitement increases.

How to diversify home sex and add something new to it?

We talked about affection and tenderness, even a certain standard of good sex. But if you want something more, passionate and unforgettable, how to be here?

We do not live in a primitive age, and modern technologies have long figured out how to make pleasures with a wife / husband much brighter than usual. All you need to do is remove modesty and release feelings. And, and most importantly - try sex toys!

They will help you:

Develop sensuality.New erogenous zones can be found with the help of various toys, which are now sold in any specialty store.

Improve health. It will be especially useful for women to use toys. This will strengthen the muscles of the pelvis and vagina. Make them sensitive and manageable.

Show your partner that you can be sexy and diverse. Do not doubt that all men / women would like to experience new sensations in sex. Toys would do just fine with that. And the partner would see that you have a passion for him.

A married couple in bed - time for games!

Another great method to become even closer and sexier for your soul mate. Maybe this is a banal advice, but everyone loves to play, even adults. At the same time, you do not need to run to the shops and hesitate to pick up an outfit. It's enough just to come up with an idea, and even a scenario that would turn on your man or your woman.

For girls:

Put on nice underwear, put on a light silk robe. You can buy a face mask for a more mysterious look. Become strict, soft and gentle, submissive and naughty for your man. Excite him with your active actions. Feel free to be open in the evening and spend another unforgettable night.

For guys:

Everyone loves the courageous and the strong. Be a romantic hero tonight. Wrap the girl with tenderness and passion. And if you want to try something more spicy, become a little tougher and more domineering. Gusts of passion, exciting, active movements - will bring the partner to the peak of pleasure.

Our life is a moment. Every day, any person has the opportunity to enjoy even the smallest. To love and to be loved. Trust and open up to your soulmate. Therefore, this is not the time to be shy and postpone the purchase of toys, underwear for later. Time to act! By improving the quality of sex, your marriage life will also improve.

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