Don't Put Off Sex Until Tomorrow If You Can Do It Today

Don't Put Off Sex Until Tomorrow If You Can Do It Today
Don't Put Off Sex Until Tomorrow If You Can Do It Today

Video: Don't Put Off Sex Until Tomorrow If You Can Do It Today

Video: Don't Put Off Sex Until Tomorrow If You Can Do It Today
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Even if you have no particular desire. After all, sex is not only a good way to distract yourself from everyday problems, it also helps to renew relationships. Do you remember the excitement that gripped you when you first started dating your man? Remember the thrill of kissing, touching each other? You could think all day about the night ahead with him. And during sex, you wanted to dissolve in each other.


Let's return to the present - you are very attached to each other, but the fire of passion has been replaced by an even light. This inevitably happens to everyone. But don't be upset: passion can be rekindled if you remember that sex is an important link in your relationship. This is a way to reveal the most intimate to each other, to become closer. Good sex often comes with relationships built on trust and respect. However, sometimes sex can help regain lost feelings of trust and openness. Problems with sex can damage other areas of your relationship as well. Many couples go through a period of not having sex, put up with it and begin to think that they can be good parents, friends and that sex is not that important. But without passion, relationships become fragile. One of the threads that binds you becomes thinner, and any shock, be it illness, problems with loved ones or an economic crisis, can permanently destroy the relationship. Therefore, spending energy on maintaining a fulfilling sex life is one of the key ways to maintain a fulfilling relationship.

How Much Sex Is Enough?

Of course, there is no norm here, just as there is no universal set of movements for each pair. But still, it is better that the period without sex does not exceed two weeks (unless, of course, this is prevented by illness or a period of emotional stress). It's easy to fall into the vicious circle of not having sex if you're depressed or just don't want to be the first to take the initiative. But to break out of this circle, just make love! This may not be easy for many women. It seems insincere if you are currently in an argument with your partner. But by nudging him into action, you will give new impetus to your relationship. After all, it is thanks to sex that a partner can feel closer to you. When you share physical intimacy, it inspires him to intimacy on other planes as well.

Sex strengthens relationships

Have you ever noticed the emotional closeness you and your partner feel after making love? He is usually more gentle with you, he is in a good mood, sometimes even for several days. Any woman who sees this will disagree with the conventional wisdom that "all men are so simple" and "all they need is sex." Sex is not only physical release (although this is also important). These are the connecting threads that allow a man to feel connected with you. Without sex, he feels rejected, frustrated, and unattractive to you.

Don't even pretend

Sex can give a new spark to your relationship, not only when you feel discord with your partner, but also when you are exhausted and tired after a day at work. If you have worked all day, bathed and fed the children, and at 10 o'clock he is still waiting for passionate sex from you, you feel nothing but a feeling of doom. But try to start the love game yourself, surrender to it, and you may be very surprised when you realize that you are enjoying the process. You may be tempted to fake an orgasm. Women often use this trick for many reasons - if only to save time and finally go to bed. But it’s natural to just tell your partner that orgasm isn’t coming. You can enjoy the sensations without orgasm. This may be incomprehensible to men (for them orgasm is the ultimate and main goal), but it is better that both partners have a realistic idea that having an orgasm does not determine whether sex is good or bad.

Create an atmosphere of passion and tenderness yourself

Naturally, the call: "Just take it and do it!" - it is easier to pronounce than to carry out in practice, especially taking into account that the human body and way of life tend to change over the years. These simple exercises will help you return the passion that you felt for each other during the first meetings. Make it a rule to give each other at least one real kiss a day - it should be deep and long. Arrange a duel of glances. Time yourself and look at each other carefully for 2-3 minutes. And try not to laugh at the same time! Take a moment to pay attention to your partner's hands. Run your fingers over his fingers, nails, wrists. Try to examine his hands. Pay attention to how strong, soft, beautiful, gentle they are. Then ask him to do the same with your hands. If you've managed to connect with each other through these simple ways, you can move on to a more sophisticated technique to focus your feelings. This technique will help you to liberate one another emotionally and physically and will open up new sources of pleasure. If your partner refuses to take part in the exercises for any reason, explain to him that you just want to try something new to improve your sexual relationship. He is more likely to take part if he knows what you are trying for. Choose a time when nothing and no one will prevent you from completely relaxing. Stroke and caress the non-erogenous areas of the partner's body, i.e. avoid touching the chest and genitals. Do this one at a time, do not speak during the exercise. Each of you should have 20 minutes during which you carefully examine each piece of each other's body. Focus on how you feel, whether you are touching or feeling touched. Now move on to sensual touch, but don't try to deliberately arouse each other. Again, give each of them about 20 minutes, talking is still prohibited. Place your hand on your partner's hand and at times when you are especially pleased, let him know by squeezing or stopping his hand. It's time for mutual touch. If you haven't already, get rid of your clothes. Your bodies should be in contact, including your genitals, but no sex! This will allow you to calmly continue exploring the partner's body without impatiently expecting something more. Enjoy the third step for 20 minutes, or longer if you like. The final stage includes the so-called easy sex. This means that the partner enters into you and just is in you as much as you want, as long as you both concentrate on the sensations. If you feel that he is starting to get too carried away, ask him to come out and go back one step to body touching. You must overcome the impulse of passion. You can complete this stage with traditional intercourse or oral sex. Here you have freedom of choice! Think of this tactic every time you feel that sex is starting to turn into a routine for you. Any couple experiences ebb and flow in their sex lives, but learning how to feel and paying attention to body cues can help you relive it all.

5 things he needs to know Try to bring these important things to his attention in the most friendly and accessible way. You can discuss it in the morning after waking up, or put it on a playful note and tuck it in his jacket pocket - as long as he internalizes this information: Sex is really important (if you still need confirmation). Sex does not have to be central to the relationship between a man and a woman, however, when it is not satisfying, it may not have the best effect on life together and may be just “the fulfillment of marital duty”, therefore it is necessary to have an active and satisfying sex life. For most women, the feeling of emotional closeness with a partner is a source of desire for sexual intimacy, while for men, as a rule, the opposite happens - in order to feel emotional closeness, they need satisfaction in sex. Therefore, it is quite natural that a loving partner is trying to give him sexual satisfaction, and he tries so that even in the most acute moments she does not lose the feeling of an emotional connection with him. Love foreplay begins long before you enter the bedroom. Remember the very first days of your relationship - flowers, calls or sms during the day, so that you know what he thinks of you, hugs, walks by the hand. A little attention in the moment will determine the mood later when it comes to bed. The female orgasm is not like the male. A woman's ability to orgasm varies from day to day and depends both on your relationship and on the processes taking place in her body. Realizing that a woman does not have to have an orgasm every time is the key to the success of your sex life. HIS most secret sex question:

There is nothing to worry about. It is normal for an erection to weaken or get stronger during sex. During an erection, less oxygen is supplied to the penis, so the changes in tension in the tissues simply allow them to "breathe" better. If these glitches take away your fervor, try varying one position slightly instead of abruptly changing it to another. Result? New sensations without losing rhythm. For example, when you are in missionary position with her legs resting on your waist, try placing them on your shoulders and cushioning her back for deeper penetration. It's okay if you accidentally disconnect during these actions. The main thing is to keep kissing and touching each other, and the old thrill will instantly return.

HER most secret sex question:

These kinds of fantasies are common and do not necessarily reflect your actual desires. It is possible to consider a woman's body attractive without being attracted to women. Sometimes the very thought of exploring unknown territories can be exciting. Perhaps your curiosity is piqued by options in sex that you and your partner have not tried. Maybe there is an element of adventure in your fantasies, something that you lack in real sex life? Think about what you are missing and try to bring it to life. And if you are brave, just tell him about your fantasies, in such a spicy way you will get closer even more. And do not shackle your imagination, you need to accept fantasies as they are. Anything that turns you on can only improve your sex life.