In Bed With Her Husband: 28 Pleasant Discoveries That Make Sex Better

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In Bed With Her Husband: 28 Pleasant Discoveries That Make Sex Better
In Bed With Her Husband: 28 Pleasant Discoveries That Make Sex Better

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When we are 20 years old, we are sure that we know everything about sex. When 30 - new questions appear. We celebrated 15 years of marriage and we know it's not true that sex in a long marriage is boring and routine. What do we know now about ourselves, about each other, about our relationships? Complete the list!

1. Previously, we were confident in the fragility of the male psyche

One young woman, after several years of relationship, did not dare to ask her beloved: does their sex last so unbearably long every time - because he cannot finish faster or because he thinks that girls like it longer? It seemed to her that it was only necessary to use the words "sex" and "cannot" in one sentence - as soon as the heavenly abyss would open up, and the young man would receive a moral trauma for life. now this woman knows for sure - a normal man is happy and grateful to any questions, requests and recommendations in this area. Especially if you are sure of your love.

We know that first sex with a new partner may not be very good

And even the first five sex with a new partner may not even be so hot. And the most important and pleasant thing: our partners also know this. And we can calmly wait for the first excitement and grinding to pass to get the most delightful sex in our life - for the next forty years, and if we are lucky, then even fifty.

Scientists are on our side: they are convinced that sex, like good wine, only gets better over the years

Thus, 46% of men and women believe that their sex life reached its peak when they turned 40. The advantage of forty-year-old lovers over twenty-year-olds is undeniable - they really know what they want from their intimate life.

4. We don't bet too much on sex anymore

And we act as in that joke: it didn't work out - well, that means we'll laugh and bainki. And from this, many succeed - much more often, better and more incendiary than at twenty.

5. We can do more corny

And we can enjoy more. And our men suddenly began to agree to even the most amazing sexual practices. And if they have not yet, they are about to agree. Or just waiting for our proposal.

6. At the same time, we managed to realize that this fire does not always have to burn with a bright flame

Its intensity can be very variable over the course of a couple's life. Sometimes it flares up so that it scorches the eyelashes and apartments of neighbors, and sometimes it smolders barely noticeably. Some periods are replaced by others, the same couple can have sex both five times a day - in one period of life, and once every two weeks - in another. And the latter usually doesn’t mean anything bad, it doesn’t mean that we had a fight or that he doesn’t want me anymore. It's just such a period, it will be followed by the next, as follows wave after wave of the sea.

7. After it's over, your husband may turn away and fall asleep (even snore) - and this will not be "impolite" and will not offend you

And you can immediately after orgasm go to make yourself a huge buttered and eat it right in bed - and feel free to crumbs and mayonnaise "mustache". Because sex is still the same intimate and very emotional activity, but there are no more rules, conventions and ceremonies around it.

8. One day we discover our first gray hair

And he's not on your head! And we immediately become fans of Brazilian hair removal.

9. We found the new Game of Thrones episode more fun than sex

Not only for us, but also for my husband. However, this is wonderful - what could be better than reciprocity and harmony! And a good movie for the night

10. Now we can joke about the desires and fantasies of a partner - and not offend him with this

Husband wants you to dress up as a naughty nurse - the perfect excuse for teasing

11. We understand now that they lie in books

And there is no special "flowering of female sexuality after thirty" does not exist.

12. We can have sex whenever we want

In the morning before work, when we are both sleepy, disheveled and not at all "glossy"? Please. In the evening, tired, thinking: "Or is it better to sleep an extra hour?" On a weekend, when the morning drags on, does the kitchen smell of coffee? And so too. We are not too busy for sex and are even ready to set the alarm half an hour earlier.

13. We realized: to feel sexy, we no longer have enough lace panties and fresh hair removal

Now for this we have to lead a healthy lifestyle, and this is not a joke: the more we move and visit the fitness club more often, the better we sleep and the more responsible we choose healthy food, the less we smoke, the better this affects the quality of family sex. And even the third glass of wine is better to refuse, yes.

14. What in my youth was more of a fantasy about sex turned into knowing what we want to get and how to do it

And you perfectly understand what your husband means when he says: “I understood what has changed. When I was 20 years old, I did not know how to make barbecue, but I believed that being able is very cool. I looked for different options for marinades, read tips, cooked it in different ways. Because a barbecue with friends at the dacha is a symbol of "correct" rest! And now I know how to make the coolest shish kebab, I know how and I love to do it. " From a vague "adult" symbol, sex has turned into a real pleasure.

15. We know how to bring joy to a loved one, and he knows how to act to bring joy to you

This may seem boring to some - but for both of you it is an opportunity to relax and just have fun.

16. Many of us have learned about bad sex

Or boring sex, or sex, instead of which we'd better vacuumed the apartment again. And from this they began to appreciate good sex even more.

17. We are no longer tempted to fake an orgasm

Or pretend that we are good. We do not try "for him", and we can just stop, say: "Let's continue tomorrow, huh?" - hug and fall asleep.

18.And strive for a vaginal orgasm at any cost

Moreover, we have read a dozen popular science articles, but have not found out whether it exists at all - this vaginal orgasm. Many scientists are inclined to consider the clitoral orgasm as a vaginal orgasm - more precisely, its echoes.

19. We love our pets very much, but we decided to forbid them to sleep in our bed

Although, of course, they create a very special atmosphere of sweetness and tenderness, and also help to make peace if we suddenly quarreled. Get out of bed, we have other plans!

20. After much doubts, we finally decided to go on vacation without children

At least once a year, at least for three days. We don't need the beach or the sights - we need time to wallow in the room, be cuddly, have sex, go out on the balcony naked and live off schedule.

21. Our body has ceased to be a source of complexes

We fell in love with him - largely thanks to my husband, who always admires him. We fell in love with our imperfect hips, and our stomach with a cesarean scar and stretch marks, and our breasts, which fed our children. Beauty and truth are in the eyes of the beholder, but, in addition, now we firmly know that not only tanned models and muscular beauties have sex, but ordinary people. And the changed body of my husband causes us the same passion as many years ago.

22. We've learned to appreciate the holidays

For many years to come, we have lost the spontaneous sex that women's magazines so hotly recommend, "to refresh relationships." And the possibility of walking around the house naked or in lace, moaning loudly or laughing cheerfully after: because the children, or some of us are working late again.Remember how great it was to get your parents' apartment for the night? Now we know that it can be much cooler than this - when our children leave for the night, on vacation, on weekends, but at least for one evening to see their grandmother!

23. We found out that sex is not only sex

This is a deep and tender relationship, this is a good mood. Understanding that we are always good with each other, every day is the best aphrodisiac.

24. Unfortunately, we also realized that no amount of the best spiritual qualities and tender friendship will save a relationship in which there is no sex

Or those where there is no fire in sex.

25. We learned that the clitoris is the most sensitive part of our body. And that it has about 8000 nerve endings, and there is no use in it - it's just for our pleasure. It also grows 4 times its original size.

26. We have learned from our own experience that gadgets harm sex

And you shouldn't take your smartphone and tablet with you to bed if we want to continue the evening. Although we laugh incredulously at the news that couples with a TV in their bedroom, on average, have sex half as often!

27. We no longer discuss our sex life with our girlfriends

Because it is a part of our life, our closeness with our husband, our secret and our joy.

28. And finally, here's what: after we celebrate the golden wedding, our sex life will not end

Yes, research has shown that couples who celebrate 50 years of marriage have increased sexual activity. Take off your favorite warm pajamas, dear, I'm waiting for you!

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