Why Newlyweds Often Have Vision Problems

Why Newlyweds Often Have Vision Problems
Why Newlyweds Often Have Vision Problems

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Regular intimate relationships heal the body. This is what most people around the world think and this is confirmed by many medical studies. However, ophthalmologists have long noticed that among young patients, it is the newlyweds who very often complain about vision. But how can honeymoon affect eye health?


Male desire to prolong sexual pleasure

Several years ago, many English tabloids, and in particular "The Sun", wrote about an amazing incident that happened to a twenty-nine-year-old resident of the city of Southampton. After an active night of love, the young man went blind in one eye and was forced to see a doctor. It turned out that at the time of orgasm, he had a sharp increase in pressure and a ruptured blood vessel in his left eye. As a result, this led to a partial loss of vision. After some time, the blood accumulated in the eyeball dissipated naturally, but the vision, alas, did not recover to its former values.

Scientists from the Comtal Institute of Ophthalmology, located in Barcelona, ​​Spain, have become interested in this fact. They conducted a study involving sixty-one young married couples. The doctors looked at the medical records of the test participants and compared the data on the state of vision of the patients before they started living together and immediately after their first month of marriage. It turned out that in twenty-three percent of women and sixty-two percent of men, vision actually deteriorated. For fifteen percent of the respondents, the vision of objects remained at the same level. Also, ophthalmologists made notes on at least six documented cases where orgasms in subjects led to bleeding in the eyes.

Spanish doctors believe that during sexual pleasure in people, the tone of the vessels of the retina of the eyes decreases. As a result, the vessels dilate and fill with more blood, which increases the risk of rupture. However, to a greater extent, such phenomena are typical for men, because it is they who most often hold their breath at the time of the onset of orgasm. This allows them to "hold" ejaculation and enjoy sexual satisfaction for longer. But it is this “practice” that dramatically increases blood pressure and leads to the risk of eye injuries. Moreover, after a hemorrhage occurs, the blood in the eyeball, as a rule, dissolves, but the elasticity of the vessel walls is not restored and this becomes the beginning of a decrease in the quality of vision.

Natural female desire for pregnancy

Domestic ophthalmologists suspected that active sex life sometimes negatively affects vision in men. However, European doctors decided to find out why the beginning of a permanent sexual relationship affects the health of the eyes in women too. To do this, researchers from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, invited twelve young women who had recently registered their marriage to an experiment.

All the women tested underwent a blood test for hormones, so that individual differences in the hormonal sphere did not affect the test results, After which the volunteers were shown two videos, one of a cognitive and the other of a frankly erotic nature. At this point, a study of the activity of the brain of women was carried out using positron emission tomography.

The demonstration of the first film did not affect the brain phenomena of the subjects in any way, but erotic scenes, of course, aroused their excitement, which was recorded, among other things, by a slight increase in pressure. But, as the scientists noted, at the same moment the tomograph recorded a decrease in blood flow to the visual centers of the brain.

Researchers believe that at the moment of sexual arousal, two dissimilar cognitive processes begin to compete for the body's energy resources.The brain usually seeks to save energy, and in the case of the onset of intimate relationships, preference is given to the genitals and the endocrine system involved in reproduction.

To a greater extent, this applies to women, since a healthy female body, in its quest for pregnancy, triggers various mechanisms of "tricks", for example, such as "floating" ovulation cycles, the maximum amount of release of eggs into the uterine cavity. But all this requires costly energy resources. However, since almost all brain centers during periods of sexual arousal are occupied to one degree or another, the body reduces the work of the visual area.

It is during the "honeymoon" that the young wife has the maximum number of sexual acts and the active work of the endocrine system, respectively, during this period she has a decrease in vision. From the moment of pregnancy, it usually recovers. But directly labor pains often provoke the onset of myopia and this process is often irreversible.

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