Paparazzi Captured 67-year-old Bridget Macron In A Swimsuit

Paparazzi Captured 67-year-old Bridget Macron In A Swimsuit
Paparazzi Captured 67-year-old Bridget Macron In A Swimsuit

Video: Paparazzi Captured 67-year-old Bridget Macron In A Swimsuit

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Video: La technique d’Emmanuel Macron et sa femme Brigitte pour échapper aux paparazzi 2023, February

The woman, together with her young husband, the President of France, was vacationing on a yacht. Netizens still don't believe in love in this couple.


Since the moment when Emmanuel Macron was elected president of France, the views of many citizens of the country and netizens around the world have been riveted on his wife. Bridget stood out among the first ladies of other countries. The reason for this lies in the age difference between husband and wife. She is 25 years old.

Many still do not believe in love in this couple, but the pictures taken by the paparazzi suggest otherwise.

Recently, photographers again managed to capture a couple, now on vacation. Emmanuelle and Bridget, in the company of children and friends, went on a sea voyage on a yacht. The President was wearing swimming shorts, Bridget was wearing a swimsuit.

Recall that the first lady of France is 67 years old. Outwardly, she looks like an elderly, but well-groomed woman. The lady knows very well that the paparazzi always follow them. She dressed according to her status. The woman did not allow herself to appear in a separate swimsuit. Bridget chose a classic one-piece model in navy blue without any prints. She complemented her modest image with a cap to match.

Judging by Emmanuel's smile, he is pleased with the weekend with his wife. Seeing this, fans continue to wonder.

The love story of this couple is very interesting. Bridget was once married to a famous banker. Despite the opportunity to stay at home and raise three children, she worked. The woman taught at the school and gave private lessons.

Emmanuel was one of her students. They met when he was 16, and she was 41. Bridget considered the guy talented and watched his success with great pleasure.

The guy fell in love with the teacher and promised that he would get a higher education and would definitely return to marry her. Despite the protest from the parents, the young man kept his promise, and Bridget divorced.

Since then, the couple has lived in a happy marriage. People from the inner circle say that they do not feel the difference in age during close communication. Both spouses are on the same wavelength and easily understand each other perfectly.


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