Ksenia Hoffman: "I Love Men Who Smell Delicious."

Ksenia Hoffman: "I Love Men Who Smell Delicious."
Ksenia Hoffman: "I Love Men Who Smell Delicious."

Video: Ksenia Hoffman: "I Love Men Who Smell Delicious."

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Ksenia Hoffman (646,000 subscribers) is one of the most famous female bloggers in the country and a 100% opinion influencer. Her provocative interviews on the YouTube channel "Pushka" (950,000 subscribers) are gaining hundreds of thousands of views, and the guests were: Vlados Miros, Karina Cross, Volodya XXL and dozens of other heroes of the network and show business. Today Ksyusha herself is a guest on the pages of Popcake in our regular blitz "Top-10 frank questions to a blogger:" Are you ready? Go:


What if a guy hints that he is not going to pay for your dinner at a restaurant and shopping on the weekend?

Ksenia: Find out what is the reason. I do not mind that everyone pays for himself, but still I want to be spoiled sometimes (not sometimes). If his answer does not suit you, then you should pay for everything yourself, enjoy an amazing dinner and shopping, and then give it up.

Top three obvious signs your boyfriend is cheating on you?

Xenia: He has no desire to spend time with you, irritation and strange behavior. In any case, if something bothers you, it is better to ask directly.

You finally decided to retire with your new boyfriend, you come home, he takes off his sneakers, and he has dirty and torn socks, what to do? Run?

Ksenia: I would laugh it off and look at the reaction. Everyone has bad days.

What should you do if your best friend starts gossiping about you with her friends?

Ksenia: Do not communicate with this friend, because she is not your friend.

He was 26 and all the date he talked about his sexual adventures

You fell in love with the main handsome man at school, but he does not pay attention to you, what to do?

Xenia: Ask friends to help get his attention. Find out what he is fond of and set up a fake "acquaintance" View this post on Instagram I will someday stop looking at my old photos with the thoughts "why was I then driven that dumb" Zhiza? Ph: @othersideaz ️

A post shared by Ksenia Hoffman (@kseniahoffman) on Mar 3, 2020 at 6:45 am PST Remember your worst date ever?

Ksenia: He was 26 and the whole date he talked about his sexual adventures and about his business, which went bankrupt (where he deceived people and proudly informed me about it)!

Do you begin to understand that a young man is dating you, only because of likes, subscribers and your own hype, your actions?

Ksenia: Classics. I would just ignore it.

Top three signs you look for when you first date your boyfriend?

Ksenia: Ability to communicate with the staff (if we are in a restaurant), the ability to tell interestingly about yourself and of course the smell. I love men who smell delicious.

To other topics! Top three tracks from your playlist?

Ksenia: Ava Max - Kings & Queens; Earth, Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland, Dua Lipa - Love again

Now everyone is watching TV shows, warn in advance which show you don't need to waste time on and is it better to turn it off right away?

Ksenia: Honestly, Castle Rock did not come to me at all. It was somehow very boring and tedious, on the second episode I turned it off.

And now a little insider information, which will probably be relevant for you, being on self-isolation. Ksenia is launching her own online blogging course in cooperation with the Pushka project. There you have to find out everything that you can't google! How to create top content without leaving your home, fly into YouTube trends, collaborate and make collabs with the best of the best, and most importantly - how is it all good to monetize !? Already interesting Fill out the feedback form HERE:

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