Alena Sivova Spoke About Dancing And Love

Alena Sivova Spoke About Dancing And Love
Alena Sivova Spoke About Dancing And Love

Video: Alena Sivova Spoke About Dancing And Love

Video: Alena Sivova Spoke About Dancing And Love

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The newspaper Vechernyaya Kazan published a long interview with Alena Sivova, a Kazan participant in the Dances show (on TNT) and the former wife of ex-official Igor Sivov. Here are some interesting excerpts from the material of colleagues.

- Alena, when and how did your dancing career start?

- I can't even name the age when I started dancing, it seems I have always been able to dance. During my school years, I went to all kinds of choreographic studios, did a lot. At the age of 14 she became a member of a serious group - the Kazan show-theater "Sharm", and at the age of 16 she already started teaching dance to children.

Of course, after I got married, after the birth of my first child, the priorities changed. The status of my ex-spouse is not something that does not allow. He spent a lot of time at work, and I understood that I could not go into creativity, I needed to take care of my family. I was the keeper of the hearth, first raised the eldest son, then the youngest was born (from the marriage with Sivov, Alena has sons 2 and 10 years old, - approx.). Well, then it so happened that my old world collapsed, what had been built for many years disappeared. I was very worried until I realized that I needed to pull myself together. And dance became my medicine, my rehabilitation.

- It turns out that it was the divorce that brought you back to your favorite pastime?

- In general, I believe that if you have been given a gift, if something is destined for you, then you will return to this, no matter what. Yes, probably, the divorce was the main impetus for my creative "comeback".

- Why did you decide to take part in the TV show?

- I never thought that I would participate in "Dances", there was no such idea when watching the previous seasons, and this time I did not plan either. Therefore, I did not participate in the Kazan casting. But in the end, things turned out the way they did.

- And you went to the casting in Samara.

- Yes, I had some free time, my eldest son was in the camp, the youngest was resting with his grandmother, and I was able to go to the casting. I prepared the room, set myself up morally, but until the last moment I thought that I had come in vain.

- Today the bad is over?

- Yes, I'm a happy person! Next to me are wonderful healthy children, she herself is physically healthy. I admit that God gave me a lot - beautiful appearance, talents and abilities, I can share this, and I have harmony inside.

- Do you know, did your ex-husband see the broadcast with your participation?

- Yes, the sons were at that moment with their dad, and they all watched the release together. They supported me, rooted for me. My ex-husband liked my performance, many compliments were said, I hope, sincerely.

- After the broadcast, you have a lot of fans - you just have to read the comments on the Internet. Do they have a chance?

- There is always a chance for everyone! I am of the opinion that people need to be given a chance - the first and even the second. Although, frankly, I never gave anyone a second chance. But now it will be difficult to get into my heart, I am already in love. True, the man I think about does not even know about it. I enjoy these emotions on my own, they give me strength and inspiration.

- In addition to participating in the show "Dancing", what are your plans for the near future?

- I have a serious project ahead - it is like a third child for me. This is my own dance studio, small. Only girls, girls and women will be trained there, whom I can teach what I can, make their life brighter and richer. I believe that a woman should dance, dance is a powerful way to be energized.