Sex Therapist: If A Lady Herself Does Not Love Her Body, Do Not Expect Fireworks From Her In The Bedroom

Sex Therapist: If A Lady Herself Does Not Love Her Body, Do Not Expect Fireworks From Her In The Bedroom
Sex Therapist: If A Lady Herself Does Not Love Her Body, Do Not Expect Fireworks From Her In The Bedroom

Video: Sex Therapist: If A Lady Herself Does Not Love Her Body, Do Not Expect Fireworks From Her In The Bedroom

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The extent to which partners are confident in themselves when they are alone depends on the degree of their enjoyment of love affairs. As a rule, it is the ladies who often suffer from complexes that prevent them from relaxing and having fun. Doctor-sex therapist Mikhail DVORKIN will talk about what can help a woman

be more confident in an intimate setting.

A rare lady is absolutely satisfied with her appearance. Some components of the image that she observes in the mirror, she does not like too much. It's good if it's a hairstyle, for example. But what if it's legs, chest or figure in general? In this case, it is especially difficult for a woman to feel confident in the nude. During lovemaking, she, as a rule, cannot relax, because she constantly makes sure that her partner does not notice those flaws in the figure that she herself is ashamed of.

“The main rule during lovemaking is to relax and have fun,” reminds doctor-sex therapist Mikhail DVORKIN. - Without this, it is impossible to fully give each other energy. If this condition is not met, then the partners will remain dissatisfied. This outcome of a love relationship is hardly to the liking of both men and women. To prevent this from happening, you need to learn to accept yourself and your body. Obviously, if a woman loves herself all, she will be able to present her charms to a man in the most favorable light, and he will appreciate the beauty of his partner's nakedness.

All people are imperfect. And any man knows about this, so most often he wants a woman the way she is, not hoping to find an ideal under her clothes. For women, as a rule, this is not obvious, so they do everything possible to please themselves first, and only then the man.

Here lies the root of the problem - the lady is unhappy with her appearance, and it seems to her that the man will also be disappointed. It would be more correct to say not “it seems”, but she is sure of it. Such a wrong conclusion during lovemaking torments her and does not allow her to relax. It is extremely difficult to convince yourself of the opposite to a woman. Even if one man says that everything suits him, with another she will go through all the same stages of bashfulness. There is only one way out - to gain confidence with the help of additional funds. We will talk about them today”.

According to Mikhail DVORKIN, what will give her confidence, a woman should choose on her own. Because for one lady, one of the ways is a panacea, and for the other - a real torture.


Specialist comment: “White skin, especially with a bluish tint, often seems awful to women,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - Men, as a rule, do not see anything shameful in this, and some even consider a lady with such skin to be a woman of blue blood. But the fair sex refuse to believe it and for the most part are ashamed of their pallor. Sunburn can be the very cover that will help you to stop being shy and give you the opportunity to relax. Firstly, acne and redness are not visible on such skin. They embarrass a woman who does not have a tan, and if she has a "chocolate shade" she has nothing to worry about. Secondly, the swarthy skin color is often considered by the lady as "clothes", no matter how strange it may seem. It seems to her that she is not naked, but as if she is wearing a tan. And since she is not naked, then why should she be ashamed, and therefore she can relax and enjoy. In the summer, this task is quite easy to accomplish. But in the winter in their "arsenal" there is only a solarium, which is not tolerated by all women."


Expert commentary: “Bright sexy lingerie always excites men very much,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - They are so carried away by the process of removing it that they no longer pay attention to anything else. If your figure has weak points, as it seems to you, then you can pick up underwear that will hide them. When it is removed or torn off in the process of active caresses, the man, and his partner, will no longer be up to looking for flaws. Both of them will be so carried away by the love game that he will not pay attention to it, and she will not remember it. The more interesting the underwear is, the less likely her partner will find it necessary to look at the female figure.

In about the same way, you can distract the attention of a sweetheart with the help of various intimate toys. The funnier the device for amorous pleasures, the more the partner will be carried away by the process. You can alternate both, and your man will never focus his gaze on your figure."


Specialist comment: “If you think that you have an excess of body fat, then you should not overeat before sex,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - Even if you are stressed from the fact that love games are coming, and you cannot overcome fear in any way. Food, perhaps, will calm you down only for a while, as a result, you will add a kilogram or two and get a more pronounced tummy, that is, aggravate the situation. In addition, the very process of snacking may calm you down, but after overeating, it will become difficult for you. Where can you do somersaults in bed - rather, you will want peace. It remains only to lie on the side, allowing the partner to act in one position.

Try not to eat before the session, but rather have a snack a few hours before it. Then there will be a special lightness in the body, and your stomach will be less tense. To relax and distract your partner's attention, offer them a glass of red wine. This will liberate both of you, you will free yourself from prejudices, and it will be much easier for you to relax. In addition, red wine in small doses is even beneficial for the body. I recommend that you drink wine - it relaxes, but does not reduce libido. Beer can have the opposite effect. On the other hand, spirits will energize you, and your emphasis will shift. So the best thing to do is pamper yourself with the red one."


Expert commentary: “Smells in intimate relationships also play a big role,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - The exception is those men who have problems with the nose, but, fortunately, there are quite a few of them. There is a range of special fragrances that excite the imagination of men and make them feel heightened sex drive. Many women use this successfully. And for those who are ashamed of their nakedness, aromatherapy can be a distraction. The main thing in this business is to choose the smell that will not irritate your partner. If you manage to increase the libido in him, then, of course, he will no longer have time to consider the flaws in your figure."


Expert commentary: “An interesting erotic video will perfectly prepare your partner and distract him from looking at your body,” Mikhail DVORKIN is sure. - And the sharper the plot (I hope you understand what I mean), the more chances that he will immediately get carried away with the process. The video will increase the degree of arousal, which means that your sex will be deep and meaningful. Here, as they say, there is no time for lyrical digressions."

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