Where To Ask A Guy Out On A Date: Top Romantic Places

Where To Ask A Guy Out On A Date: Top Romantic Places
Where To Ask A Guy Out On A Date: Top Romantic Places

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In this selection, you will not find ordinary restaurants serving croissants and coffee with soy milk. We have collected such places where they cook truly "masculine" dishes, from which your boyfriend will simply be delighted!


Ruski Restaurant

Let's start with a restaurant that combines exquisite dishes, all of us familiar cuisine - the name "Ruski" obliges - and the romance of the location - the 85th floor of the "Oko" tower. The creators of the project say: "Only love is higher!" Indeed, it is ideal here to watch the fiery sunsets and count the clouds flying by the pieces in the sky.

And baked country milk, which is served here with a roll from the largest Russian oven in Moscow, will make your relationship close and warm in a family way even on the first date. By the way, about the dishes: ordering real stewed cabbage soup for two is definitely worth it, and for your man's second take an old Russian dish kundyumy, or just dumplings with porcini mushrooms baked in the oven. For yourself, for dessert, allow dessert Guryev porridge based on semolina and tender baked milk.

Cocktails based on liqueurs and liqueurs will help strengthen relationships on a date: "Naomi" on currant leaf or "Borodinsky" on Borodino moonshine. Yes, everything is like grandma's! And you thought how she married your grandfather?

Pesto Cafe Restaurant

Now you can take a guy to this place even on a regular basis: the meat season has been announced in Pesto Cafe. Brand chef Evgeny Tsvetkov, apparently, understands - in November everything needs to be richer and thicker! Therefore, for yourself, you can order a salad with bresaola, beetroot and cream cheese or a Japanese black roll with beef to delight your Instagram followers with bright Stories; and offer your boyfriend the classics of the genre - ribeye with aromatic baked garlic or lovingly stewed lamb ribs in thick gravy.

The good news is that Pesto Cafe, as a Ginza Project restaurant, does not bite overpriced, and the average bill here is only 1,000 rubles.

We seem to have forgotten something. BUT! Of course, the interior! The leitmotif of the entire institution is wood, textiles and homeliness with a European accent, which means that Pesto Cafe is an ideal place for people accustomed to a comfortable and warm environment.

We always say bluntly: the beginning of the brightest evening is wine. Therefore, it is not always necessary to invite a guy to a restaurant; sometimes it is better to stroll through the old center of Moscow and wander through small streets to the Goos'to wine wine bar. A secluded place in the very center of the capital will help you to escape from the bustle of the city for a while in order to have a tasting of the most elite wines together.

Of course, accompanied by them, you will be offered a menu of farm goose meat, which is supplied from an ecological farm located in the Moscow region.

Luch bar

Probably one of the most aristocratic bars in Moscow. If you are a little tired that the guy now and then walks with friends to incomprehensible beer establishments, it's time to re-educate him and take him to the Luch bar.

Firstly, just look at what incredible shelves with elite alcohol are here - your man will just squeak with joy when he sees them. Secondly, the bar is located in a unique place - the former Luch / Elektrosvet plant, and thirdly, it is here that the guy will kiss your hands if you order him a steak with the telling name “Machete” made of fried marble beef served with spicy creamy pepper sauce and mini-potatoes and tomatoes. Your travel companion will also appreciate the ciabatta with roast beef, onion chutney, and homemade aioli.

The very same boldly order homemade cheesecakes with homemade jam or chicani, and, finally, order a crab with bottarga and Jerusalem artichoke cream. Moreover, the dish costs quite acceptable by the standards of this delicacy - 640 rubles.

Ever dreamed of a Scandinavian who would fish you heavy cod for lunch in the Norwegian fjords? Well, you don't need to go to the cold north for this - you can awaken the spirit of the hunter in your boyfriend, just take him to the Bjorn restaurant of Scandinavian cuisine. Everything here seems to be saturated with masculinity: from waiters and chefs with beards to the interior with displays in the form of a reindeer and a brown bear.

The same applies to dishes, but in addition to their brutality, they can boast of original performance and unusual presentation. So both you and your man will like them. For example, game meat can be served here in the form of shavings and seasoned with black marmalade, and burnt Danish bread can be flavored with liverwurst, served in hay and generously sprinkled with honey.

There is also a special attitude towards desserts. Better to say sarcastic. Not everyone will dare to order “Last Year's Apple” or “Ugly Chocolate Pie” - yes, the dishes are called that, but it is with them that you can test your companion for courage - will he try or not?

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