I Thought That On My Birthday He Would Propose, But In The End There Would Be No Wedding

I Thought That On My Birthday He Would Propose, But In The End There Would Be No Wedding
I Thought That On My Birthday He Would Propose, But In The End There Would Be No Wedding

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My name is Natasha, a month ago I turned thirty. We have been meeting with Denis for four years already, he is my age. We have known each other for a long time, since the institute, studied at the same faculty in parallel groups.


It so happened that my institute friend Vera married Igor (Denis's friend) four years ago, and we were witnesses at their wedding. From that day we began to meet, and two years ago we rented an apartment and live together.

Everything seems to be fine with us, but I probably will never wait only for proposals from my beloved man and a wedding.

Why Denis pulls, I can not understand. I make every effort to provide him with coziness and comfort at home, I try to pamper him with delicious dishes, I learned how to bake pancakes and pies well.

I watch myself very carefully, and especially my figure. I know that I am inclined to be overweight, so I regularly go to the pool and gym. There are definitely no extra pounds, I am not dissembling, I even often notice that men are looking at me. But my dear for some reason does not appreciate this.

We have been together for so many years that already friends and parents on both sides perceive us as a family. My friends ask me when we will go out at the wedding, but I have nothing to say to them.

In the first year, when we first started dating, I did not expect any proposals. In the second year, the relationship reached closeness, we often stayed overnight with each other (both at that time already lived separately from their parents in rented apartments), went on vacation together, but I still did not put pressure on Denis.

But after four years have passed, I want to know what are his plans for the future? My age is already such that it is high time to think about children.

It was I who two years ago insisted on renting a two-room apartment and living together. I'm tired of living either in my room in a communal apartment, or going to Denis's for the night, taking with me the necessary set of things.

I believed that two adults should build their family and life on a common, but separate from their relatives, territory. Now it seems to me that this was my mistake.

Denis thinks that now it is not necessary to marry, he already has everything - a cozy warm house, always a delicious dinner, a loving woman. And you don't have to bear any responsibility.

True, Denis himself recently started a conversation about children. He said that he would like the first boy, and then the girl. We even dreamed a little about which names to choose and who they would look like.

It happened on the eve of my birthday, and I was sure that on my thirtieth birthday my beloved man will finally propose to me and give me a ring.

Imagine my disappointment when I again received a perfume and a set of underwear as a gift (this is the third this year, the first two were for the New Year and March 8).

Everything remained as before, ordinary everyday life dragged on. What should I do? How much longer to wait? And if Denis never matures to take me to the registry office? I love him and I can't just break off a four-year relationship.

Psychologist's comment:

People sometimes create a lot of problems for themselves because they cannot directly tell their loved ones about their doubts and desires. Do you want to get married? Tell Denis about this openly, and from the answer you receive, you will draw the appropriate conclusions. After all, you yourself initially took everything into your own hands - you offered to live together, created comfort and coziness, so continue to decide on the wedding. But take note, if a man is used to living this way, then a stamp in his passport will not make him more responsible. You do not live for two or three months, but four years together - this is a considerable period.

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