Sobchak - Buzovoy: “Smolov Did Not Refuse You! If Anything, I Am Leading Your Wedding. "

Sobchak - Buzovoy: “Smolov Did Not Refuse You! If Anything, I Am Leading Your Wedding. "
Sobchak - Buzovoy: “Smolov Did Not Refuse You! If Anything, I Am Leading Your Wedding. "

Video: Sobchak - Buzovoy: “Smolov Did Not Refuse You! If Anything, I Am Leading Your Wedding. "

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Video: КСЕНИЯ СОБЧАК О КАТЕ КЛЭП – 12 ЗЛОБНЫХ ЗРИТЕЛЕЙ (выпуск 22.12.2017, отрывок) 2023, February

Popular TV presenter, singer and actress Olga Buzova gave Ksenia Sobchak an interview, during which the girls called Lokomotiv footballer Fyodor Smolov and tried to arrange a date with him.


Sobchak to Smolov: "Do you remember we played a game with you and there was one girl who made it to the semifinals?"

Smolov: "It seems to me it was Buzova."

Sobchak: “Bingo! And you know, Fedor, today I played the same game with this girl. She got you in the finals. The final has not been played yet. Olga Buzova is next to me."

Buzova: “How amazing, Fedya. Somehow randomly you ended up with me in the final. And Ksyusha tells me that you like me too. I don't know if you like me or not, but, like, you chose me. I tell her: “If he asks me on a date, then I will choose him in the final. If he doesn't invite me, then I will continue to sit alone."

Smolov: "Who is my final opponent?"

Sobchak: "Good question, Fedor."

Buzova: "Listen, you're not stupid."

Sobchak - Buzovoy: “He's not stupid at all! Compared to him, you will feel like Sharikov next to Einstein. He's really very smart."

Buzova - Smolov: "Do you have a girlfriend?"

Smolov: "I have, yes."

Sobchak: “Well, not a wife! Nothing wrong!"

Buzova: "It's okay!"

Smolov: "Not married, not married."

Sobchak: “What do you think, Fedor, who is the second man to reach the final? He is bald, from show business, he does a lot of commercials."

Smolov: "Probably, this is either Nagiyev or Kutsenko."

Sobchak: “You are a smart guy! Well, okay, Fedor, since you have a girlfriend, we will probably call Dmitry Nagiyev again. But if you decide to go to a cafe with Olga and drink tea with her, then let me know, I will connect you."

Smolov: "At BuzFood?"

Buzova: “He hasn't tasted my burgers yet, Ksyusha! Fedya, you haven't tried my burgers yet. And judging by the fact that you have a girlfriend, you won't try!"

Smolov: “To our great regret, Olga. This is what I can state."

Sobchak: "That's why you, Buzova, have not had sex for two years, that you are immediately about a girl."

After that, the girls said goodbye to Smolov and continued their conversation with each other.

Sobchak: "What kind of groom have you found!"

Buzova: “Where? He has a girlfriend!"

Sobchak: “Fedor Smolov *********** (awesome) in general! Much smarter than Tarasov. I undressed him!"

Buzova: "Here again we are taking the first step."

Sobchak: "And what's wrong?"

Buzova: "Do you think I am pleased to receive a refusal?"

Sobchak: “Listen, what a refusal? He didn’t refuse you! You also understand, he's just smart. Understands that further this girl will insert ******** (reprimand) him. He will say: "You flirted with these fools!"

Buzova: “And he flirted! And with me too!"

Sobchak: “She will put him in now, and it will be a good moment. You write to him now when the program comes out. She will start it this way, but the men do not like this business."

Buzova: “I don’t want that. I want the man to take the initiative himself."

Sobchak: "If he wants, he will ask the phone."

Buzova: "Right now, in theory, I should write to you."

Sobchak: “But your wedding, if anything, I'm leading! And for a big fee, not free! I have everything about grandmothers."

Watch the video about the call to Smolov from the segment 01:11:25.

"Maybe ruin his life now?" Buzova told Sobchak about the marriage contract with Tarasov

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