A Girl From Omsk Became A Victim Of A Scammer Posing As A Guy

A Girl From Omsk Became A Victim Of A Scammer Posing As A Guy
A Girl From Omsk Became A Victim Of A Scammer Posing As A Guy

Video: A Girl From Omsk Became A Victim Of A Scammer Posing As A Guy

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We are used to news about how insidious scammers, using dating sites, pull money and gifts from gullible suitors. At worst, a guy can pretend to be a girl for selfish purposes. The incident in Omsk breaks all templates. There, a girl posing as a promising groom lured a quarter of a million rubles from another girl.


The victim, a 26-year-old resident of Omsk, desperate to meet the man of her dreams on the street or in the library, turned her hopes on social networks. There she quickly found herself a groom who satisfied her both spiritually and intellectually. All that remained was to meet in person and transfer the relationship from the virtual world to the real one.

The groom was not against the meeting, but his health condition prevented him from immediately merging in a passionate embrace with his beloved. And the matter is not even in the notorious coronavirus, but in the consequences of a terrible accident, which deprived the unfortunate of his male personal belongings. The guy hastened to reassure his acquaintance - not everything is so scary, because modern surgeons perform real miracles.

The victim's reproductive organ was sewn on and very soon he will be in full working capacity, but so far he needs expensive rehabilitation. Imbued with the tragedy of an acquaintance from the network, who became almost a family, the girl took out 180 thousand rubles on credit and transferred them to her beloved.

After that, for a month, the Omsk woman supported the gentleman financially in every possible way - she presented a phone for 15 thousand rubles, a gold chain and gave 50 thousand to pay off the debt for treatment. In total, the "beloved" received 250 thousand rubles from the passion and at the same time the "lovers" saw each other only in online broadcasts. The relationship ended strangely - the girl found out that her chosen one was not a man at all, but a woman in disguise.

The deceived bride rushed to the police and wrote a statement. It was not difficult for law enforcers to find the fraudster and soon she testified at the police station. The guy injured in the accident turned out to be an employee of one of the cafes in Old Kirovsk.

Of course, the detainee no longer had any money - she spent it on her simple needs, not related to the rehabilitation of the pelvic organs. At the same time, the woman does not consider herself to be guilty of anything and insists that everything was “for love” and that money and gifts were given to her on a voluntary basis. The detainee was even offended by the pettiness of her fan and stated that she did not intend to continue the relationship with her.

In any case, the fraudster will not have time for new acquaintances for some time - for a theatrical performance with a gender change, she can go to jail for up to 5 years.

Sometimes celebrities also end up on the networks set up by Internet scammers. Most often they become victims of "healers" and "seers", as happened with the Russian athlete Adelina Sotnikova.

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