Color Test: Choose A Color And Find Out Your Ideal Man Type

Color Test: Choose A Color And Find Out Your Ideal Man Type
Color Test: Choose A Color And Find Out Your Ideal Man Type

Video: Color Test: Choose A Color And Find Out Your Ideal Man Type

Video: What COLOR Are You? | Color Personality Test 2022, December

How do I take the test?


Try to relax and focus on yourself Imagine your ideal man Take a close look at the picture below Choose the color that grabbed your attention the most (most importantly, do not try to apply it to clothes / interior or your appearance, just make an intuitive choice) Do not take the test twice, and don't see the answers in advance!

Is the choice made? In that case, let's take a look at the results …

Orange Your choice speaks primarily of inner strength, innate charisma and the ability to charm people. It costs nothing for a woman like you to conquer any man! But the point is that there is not a place for “everyone” next to you. In your partner, you should see your reflection - intelligence, prudence, inner strength and a truly masculine character! Nevertheless, in order to attract such a man, you should "slow down" a little - the image of a "cold lady", although it looks attractive, can scare many away. Try on a more romantic look, because any strong man wants to see a fragile woman next to him. Make it your trump card and then you won't have to search for the “ideal” of a man for too long.

Violet Appearance, energy, charisma - three things that are in the first place for you in your search for a partner. And there is nothing reprehensible or surprising in this, because you know your own worth! Such a woman herself is capable of conquering anyone, but as a partner you only see someone who is even more persistent. In a relationship, you value the very "spark" without which, in your opinion, there is no point in starting them.

Your ideal of a man is similar to the image of many women - handsome, strong, confident. One behind which "like a stone wall." So that you don't have to worry about everyday problems and failures. However, your inner self is actually advising you not to jump to conclusions and opt for a more restrained temperament. He is a caring, calm, understanding man with whom you can feel like you are, and not pretend to be who you are not. But don't worry: your choice of color suggests that when the moment comes, your heart will give a sign that you definitely cannot miss.

Green Men like you are often referred to as a "treasure" because you are one of the rare representatives of the "ideal wife". Sincerity and understanding, ability to listen and give advice. Even the most reserved man next to you will become affectionate and loving. You know how to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, and this is what most of the stronger sex are looking for in their companions.

In turn, you expect from your partner the same understanding and care that you are ready to give him. After all, relationships can be called happy only when real harmony reigns in them. Your subconscious mind may suggest that you need a man of creative views, but you shouldn't rush to find your "romantic" without hesitation! You will feel much more confident and protected next to a man of "down-to-earth" views: calm, reasonable, confident not only in the future, but throughout life.

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