3 Types Of Men You Shouldn't Have An Affair With

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3 Types Of Men You Shouldn't Have An Affair With
3 Types Of Men You Shouldn't Have An Affair With

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When meeting a potential lover, women often go into a whirlpool headlong, not even trying to weigh the pros and cons of the emerging relationship. Meanwhile, there are several types of men, relationships with whom will bring nothing but disappointment. And it is very easy to recognize them. Rambler was figuring out how to do it.


When entering into an alliance with such a man, you should be prepared for the fact that you will not have business with the man himself. After all, he will always act as his mother tells him to. If all goes well, you will be able to hold out for several months before meeting her, before she starts washing her offspring's head about the fact that you are certainly not a match for him. And all your culinary delights, perfect manners, higher education and impeccable appearance will never change her mind. Simply because the mother should remain the only love in her son's life. Therefore, she will do everything to ensure that your couple break up. And as soon as possible.


On the first date, only an extremely daring type will dare to express dissatisfaction with your short skirt or too bright lipstick. However, you can bring the aggressor to clean water very quickly by observing how he treats other people. If he is unreasonably rude to the taxi driver, shows obvious aggression towards people who look "wrong" and curses a work colleague who called during your rendezvous, you should stop communicating as soon as possible. Do not think that especially for you he will turn into a cute cat, from whose lips only compliments will come out. Will not turn.


It is unlikely that at the first meeting, a drunken alcoholic or drug addict will begin to talk about his addictions. However, nothing prevents you from simply asking how he feels about alcohol and other addictive substances. If the matter is unclean, most likely at the mere mention of this, he will change his face and try to lie. And lies in such situations are always easy to identify. If a man honestly admits his "pranks", and you still decide on a relationship with him, be prepared for the fact that it is impossible to get rid of addiction. Trying to constantly pull out your lover, you will gradually drown with him. And at best, come to your senses and run away, at worst - try to share his "interests".

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