Russian Retailers And Banks Named The Most Popular Gifts For March 8

Russian Retailers And Banks Named The Most Popular Gifts For March 8
Russian Retailers And Banks Named The Most Popular Gifts For March 8

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A study by Raiffeisenbank showed that jewelry is the most desirable gift for March 8 - every second woman chose it. This is confirmed by the results of the Avito poll: this category received the largest number of female votes (43%), and 31% of men are going to give jewelry.

Cosmetics and perfumery

Data from the online retailer Wildberries say that before March 8, spending on patches (+ 794%), cosmetic sets (+ 651%), creams (+ 342%), cosmetic masks (+ 316%), eau de parfum (+ 228%)) and red lipstick (+ 220%). Yandex.Kassy and Yandex.Market also noticed an 11% increase in purchases of goods from this section. Analysts at Rocketbank reported a 1.6-fold increase in spending on cosmetics. The Avito poll confirms the demand for cosmetics and perfumes as a gift - 34% of women voted for this option, as a result of which this category was in second place in the ranking. The respondents of "Raiffeisenbank", who do not want to receive cosmetics from men on March 8, have a different opinion. They explain their position by the fact that when buying care or decorative products, the donor risks making a mistake with the choice, but they note that a gift certificate will be a good choice. 22% of women on Avito agree with this.

Clothes, shoes and accessories

On the eve of the holiday, Wildberries earned more than usual on accessories: necklaces (+ 895%), chains (+ 476%), pendants (+ 422%), brooches (+ 393%), bracelets (+ 327%) and bags (+ 223%). A study by Yandex.Cass and Yandex.Market notes that the number of purchases of clothes and shoes increased by 27%, and the average check increased by 18%, to 1115 rubles. Before March 8, men paid an average of 4,100 rubles for accessories and bags, and women - 3,300 rubles, according to Rocketbank. 17% of Russian women surveyed by Avito would like to receive clothes or shoes as a gift. Here, the respondents of Raiffeisenbank again disagree with them: they believe that it is better for men not to present clothes and shoes, and 11% called gifts and accessories unsuitable.

Household appliances and gadgets

In the home appliance segment, Wildberries customers paid the most for hair dryers (+ 507%), scales (+ 449%), steamers (+ 391%), hair tongs (+ 381%) and electric toothbrushes (+ 368%) … Yandex.Kassy and Yandex.Market recorded that the average bill for household appliances and electronics increased by 62%, to 6,388 rubles. Rocketbank also saw an increase in spending on gadgets - according to its data, the Russians allocated an average of 5,500 rubles for the purchase of equipment before March 8. Raiffeisenbank confirmed that women consider the smartphone a good gift for March 8th. At the same time, they emphasize that they do not want to receive an iron (84% of people called it an unsuccessful present) and a toaster (61%). In the Avito study, household appliances were chosen by 18% of the respondents.


Before March 8, Rocketbank clients spent most of their money on travel. On average, 8,200 rubles were spent on assistance in obtaining a visa, booking and other services for travelers. To pay for flights and hotel accommodation - 6,400 and 8 thousand rubles, respectively. Women also told Raiffeisenbank that they would like to receive a trip from a man as a gift: 22% of respondents chose a vacation by the sea, 18% - a flight to tropical islands. In the Avito poll, it turned out that 18% of women are waiting for a voucher for March 8, but only 2% of men are ready to hand them over.


Analytics of Yandex.Kassa and Yandex.Market showed that the number of payments in this category increased by 92%, and the average check increased by 20%, to 3,569 rubles. At the same time, Avito only 2% of women said that they want to receive flowers as a gift; this category did not appear in the poll of Raiffeisenbank.

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