Worst Sex Habits To End

Worst Sex Habits To End
Worst Sex Habits To End

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The sexual aspect is quite important in any relationship. However, some habits, moreover, quite common, may not be beneficial at all. Trying to look sexy during intercourse

Especially during orgasm, it is not recommended to dwell on the beauty of your appearance, since you lose the opportunity to completely surrender to pleasure. Experts note that a woman likes her man the way she is, otherwise he would not be with her, so it is worth throwing complexes aside. Stop the process if you do not reach the climax for a long time

Experts advise not to set certain time boundaries in which you need to go to bed during sex and not stop the process if orgasm does not come for a long time. To achieve pleasure, you just need to relax and take your time. Moan when you actually feel pain or discomfort

Moans are perceived by a person as a sign that he is moving in bed correctly and should continue in the same direction. A woman, if it is unpleasant for her, with her moans will only encourage her partner when she should be directed in a different direction or change his position. Also, if you feel pain, you should inform the man about this and in no case should you tolerate it. Lie about orgasm

Don't lie to your partner about an orgasm. Experts advise in this case to talk and come up with a solution to the problem, and not just endure to the detriment of yourself. Before sex, tidy yourself up in the bathroom

If a spontaneous attraction has arisen between the couple, then this is clearly a sign that they both like each other and they do not need to put themselves in order. The partner may simply lose the spark, waiting for the action to begin, and sex may not start at all. Coming up with signals for sex during menstruation

If a woman's only reason to refuse intimacy is menstruation, then experts recommend talking about it with a partner. Every adult knows that almost every woman has a cycle and whether to have sex during this is everyone's business. If a lady refuses on far-fetched pretexts, the man may even think that she is rejecting him.]]>

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