Gennady Kuznetsov: "A Good Presenter Is Also A Psychologist"

Gennady Kuznetsov: "A Good Presenter Is Also A Psychologist"
Gennady Kuznetsov: "A Good Presenter Is Also A Psychologist"

Video: Gennady Kuznetsov: "A Good Presenter Is Also A Psychologist"


Today is Valentine's Day, and what could be more romantic than talking to a wedding host, wedding showman? Gennady Kuznetsov has been in the wedding business for over five years. During his career, he connected many couples, organizing a celebration for them.


Did you have a lot of couples who made an offer on that particular day?

That happens. I will not say that every second couple, but for many, this day is symbolic. If the proposal was made earlier, then preparation for the wedding begins during this period. Most often, I see loving people during this period when we begin to prepare for the wedding. When people love each other and have already decided to go through life together, they demonstrate their feelings: they give pleasant trifles, tenderly look at each other and, of course, celebrate the holiday.

Now more and more people began to say that this is not a Russian holiday. We have a Family Day of love and fidelity, how do you feel about such statements?

If a person wants to show his feelings, then he does not even need a reason. He can do this on February 14, and June 8, and on any other day. I am for the fact that we have more such wonderful holidays, when people can express their feelings, and I can help them organize a bright holiday.

What do you think, if they were allowed to marry on February 14, there would be many people willing?

Many people plan their wedding in the summer, when after registration it will be possible to arrange festive celebrations, to hold a photo session. Although in practice there were couples who chose February as the date of the wedding. The result was atmospheric themes, vivid photo sessions against the background of winter views, reflecting the feelings of people, despite the frost of our region during this period. Everything is individual and for many, the wedding carries a deep personal meaning.

Now it is so fashionable to talk about trends and trends, but what trends will be this season?

It's hard to say, the presenters have no such thing as trends, this is more addressed to wedding decorators. Each program is selected individually. Depends on what the bride and groom want. What traditions do they have in their family and what is their vision of the wedding.

Some want to hold a chamber wedding in a narrow circle of guests, others - a lavish feast. Much still depends on guests and relatives. The wishes given to the newlyweds are also taken into account at the stage of preparation for the wedding.

How can guests influence the plot of the wedding?

There are situations when the bride and groom in the family have a difficult relationship between relatives. It is necessary to take into account the nuances so that unpleasant situations do not happen at the wedding. People should feel as comfortable as possible throughout the evening.

That is why I ask the newlyweds to give as much information as possible and scrupulously approach the preparation.

Are the bride and groom being interrogated?

This is a figurative expression. In practice, this takes place in a friendly conversation. Before the wedding, we meet with the newlyweds, they say their wishes and preferences. A good presenter is also a psychologist. Even if unpleasant moments emerge during the wedding, I can always smooth out and bring people out of the conflict. Depending on the situation and the approach is individual.

Every couple is unique and every wedding is special.

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