Vyacheslav Tikhonov's First Love: "He Always Loved Me, And Now He Loves"

Vyacheslav Tikhonov's First Love: "He Always Loved Me, And Now He Loves"
Vyacheslav Tikhonov's First Love: "He Always Loved Me, And Now He Loves"

Video: Vyacheslav Tikhonov's First Love: "He Always Loved Me, And Now He Loves"

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Sobesednik.ru found out about Vyacheslav Tikhonov's first love and discovered a number of memories of her.


Vyacheslav Tikhonov, our unsurpassed Stirlitz, captivated the audience not only with his thoughtful look and aristocratic profile, but also, undoubtedly, with the talent that God generously awarded him with.

As usual, the first handsome Soviet cinema was credited with novels with many actresses. Few people know that he was monogamous and throughout his life carried tender feelings for his classmate Yulia Rossiyskaya, who once confessed: “Yes, it was Slava Tikhonov who loved me. He loved and loves now. And I love him very much."

Maybe that's why he tried so often to be in his hometown, with which he had some of the brightest memories.

We decided to investigate this story and went to the actor's homeland - to Pavlovsky Posad.

"Such love is hard to hide"

Whether Yulia Rossiyskaya was the actor's real strong love or just turned out to be a purely youthful hobby, it's hard to say.

As we found out on the spot, a woman with such a beautiful surname passed away almost immediately after the death of Tikhonov. However, in the memoirs of the artist's friends who studied with him in high school 1 named. N.K. Krupskaya (in 2016 it was renamed into Lyceum 2 named after V.V. Tikhonov. - Author), the name of Yulia Rossiyskaya appears as the first love of a future movie star. These stories partly confirm that the charming girl and the thin, lanky boy had tender feelings.

- I saw the glory of Tikhonov several times with Yulia Rossiyskaya, with whom he was friends in the tenth grade. She was his first love. He often came to the parental home with Yulia. For relatives and friends, the relationship between Slava and Yulia was not a secret, because such love is difficult to hide. They were a beautiful couple. I still see this picture of the past as they walk down the street, he holds her arm, both cheerful and pleased with each other. Frankly, we frankly admired this happy couple, - said Dina Koksharova, a school friend of Tikhonov's cousin, Olga Sokolova. - I often think of Julia. I see wavy hair thrown back, an open forehead, a direct gaze of radiant and light eyes … She was a spectacular and attractive girl. But, unfortunately, as often happens: the first fragile love does not stand the test. This couple did not take place as a family. Once they quarreled and could not forgive each other … I know that Yulia Rossiyskaya graduated from medical institute and married a guy who followed her in Pavlov. And then they lived in Moscow.

"At his studies Mordyukov, and he comes to me"

According to the publicist, member of the Vokhna literary association Lyubov Zheltok, young people even wanted to get married:

- Unfortunately, as often happens, in his youth, because of some trifle, Vyacheslav broke up with the girl with whom they were already going to get married - the beautiful and clever Julia Russian. Who knows, maybe this girl would be his lucky destiny? After all, he came to her even when he and Nonna Mordyukova, who later became his wife, were waiting for their first child. Julia knew that Nonna was pregnant, she was very worried - and finally broke off this relationship.

Julia Rossiyskaya herself was very upset about parting with her beloved. Here's what she said in an exclusive interview:

- I finished the ninth grade, moved to the tenth. And Slava finished school and suddenly disappeared without telling me anything. Later, his friends told me that he went to Moscow to enter the theater. My friend told me that one of his classmates seems to be spinning around Glory. It was Nonna Mordyukova. She said that Mordyukova did not leave directly from him.Apparently, she really liked him, and she stuck to him. Although he didn't love her. Glory tormented me endlessly. He was torn. Mordyukov is studying with him, and he comes to me. When it became known that Mordyukova was expecting a child from Slava, I realized: that's it! And Slava continued to come. And we ran towards each other, threw ourselves into our arms. Because we felt: we cannot live without each other. And then you come home and understand that nothing can be changed. She cried. He married Nonna after the birth of their child. If there was no child, maybe they would have parted.

After parting, Vyacheslav Tikhonov and Julia Rossiyskaya did not communicate for more than half a century. However, after a series of publications in the media about their romance, the woman dared to call him. Julia Alekseevna herself admitted that he loved her until the end of his days.

And how do Tikhonov's relatives view this?

We got through to the director Nikolai Voronovsky, Anna's husband, Vyacheslav Tikhonov's daughter. And this is what he said:

- It seems to me that they did not have much love … Personally, I know that, they say, one of Vyacheslav Vasilyevich's friends, leaving for the front, asked him to look after Yulia in a friendly way. Tikhonov met her from school, accompanied her. Then he went to college, and they parted ways. Each of them had their own family. The media began to write about their relationship, Rossiyskaya found out about this and called Vyacheslav Vasilyevich at the dacha on Nikolina Gora, where we had been living recently. They talked, found out how each other was doing, and nothing more.

- After the death of the actor, many newspapers wrote that Vyacheslav Vasilyevich was alone in the last years of his life.

- This is not true! He was not abandoned and was not a hermit, as they wrote about it. Tamara Ivanovna (she died several years ago. - Author), his wife, always tried to be with him, but, unfortunately, for the last ten years she was seriously ill: her hip neck was broken and the implant could not take root. Therefore, she was often in the hospital. Anna and I were in Moscow on weekdays, but every Friday we came to Vyacheslav Vasilyevich and spent the whole weekend together. Then, in order not to leave Vyacheslav Vasilyevich, even for a few days alone, we moved to a house on Nikolina Gora and the last years of his life lived together.

Vyacheslav Vasilievich loved Tamara Ivanovna. Once we were choosing a birthday present together. He then bought her a gorgeous ring with a huge emerald. Tamara Ivanovna had a different kind of character than Nonna Mordyukova, who was a wicked Cossack woman who loved company. She wanted a holiday, but he had enough fuss on the set and in the theater. So she did not hold him back. Did she regret it? Perhaps, but he - I do not know. maybe somewhere in the depths of my soul there was some kind of resentment. If we were talking about Nonna Viktorovna, then he said that she was a passed stage of life, that they were strangers to each other and did not communicate. There was one episode when Mordyukova in her book "Don't cry, Cossack!" in a womanly way she wrote about Tikhonov not very decently. And even after that, he never said a bad word about her.

In one of the documentary films (in 2008 - a year before the death of Tikhonov. - Author) Anna asks Vyacheslav Vasilyevich a question: "What is your happiest time?" And he replied: "Right now, when we are together - both you and my grandchildren …"

In recent years, a mongrel lived with Stirlitz

The actor's family nest (in Pavlovsky Posad on Volodarskogo Street) was in a deplorable state: the windows were boarded up, the extension was askew. And now the house is disassembled, only logs remain.

“Don't worry, Tikhonov’s house will soon be as good as new,” Nikolai Mikhailovich Krasnov, the former head of the department for culture, sports and youth affairs, now the methodologist for the creation of the Vyacheslav Tikhonov museum, reassured us. - The house was once very beautiful. Two-storey, with a balcony on the second floor. There was a dovecote and a well-kept garden. It was built at the end of the nineteenth century by Vyacheslav Tikhonov's grandfather, Vyacheslav Vasilyevich Alekseev.When the father of the artist Vasily Romanovich died and the mother of Vyacheslav Tikhonov was left alone, a thief climbed into their house. She was very frightened. After that, she sold the house and moved into an apartment. Local authorities bought the house to make a museum in its place. This year we will reconstruct the house. Let's recreate the facade from the same logs. We will try to recreate the interior as well.

You know, Vyacheslav Tikhonov was a kind-hearted man. In recent years, a mongrel lived with him, so he treated her very anxiously, looked after her. When we came to visit him, he always treated us. And he always asked:

“Where is your driver? Call him to our table too."

The editors sincerely thank Nikolai Mikhailovich Krasnov for his assistance in preparing the material about his fellow countryman. Thank you so much for your responsiveness!

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