The Man You Like Will Tell You Who You Are

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The Man You Like Will Tell You Who You Are
The Man You Like Will Tell You Who You Are

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Someone is softer, someone, on the contrary, is more courageous. We all know that the ideal person in life is very difficult to meet, and especially a man. That is why we are looking for our ideal contenders for the heart in films and TV shows. There they are "combed and smoothed" as each of us thinks of the best partner.


But who would have thought that preferences in men can tell a lot of interesting things about you. Ready to check out?

Two - it is impossible, still try to choose the one who you like more. And if you have not chosen anyone, then also read something interesting about yourself below!

So, quickly choose the man you like and read the results below!

1. Richard Gere from Pretty Woman

Of course, you value intelligence and dedication in men. For you, this is the main thing in male beauty. In a relationship, the main thing for you is trust between partners. You are the type of woman who falls in love for life. There are no more loyal women than women who like this type.

Easy, sincere, you don't trust right away, your partner has to earn your trust. It is women like you who inspire men to make money.

2. Pavel Priluchny - a re-educated bad boy from the movie "Major"

You love with all your soul and heart, a good hostess and do not like children in your soul. However, your man often gets used to all the good things that you give him and does not fully appreciate your efforts. But in vain! After all, if a woman like you meets a man who appreciates you, then you are able to move mountains. Besides, you flourish so that you look attractive even in the most unattractive outfit.

You value romance in a relationship and great happiness awaits the man who is able to give it to you.

3. Burak Ozchivit - the hero of popular Turkish TV series

You are a very charismatic woman with a strong character. But do not like to show him in love, you want to be close to a man who is stronger than you. Passionate, sincere, with eyes that will captivate anyone - you want to see a man next to you to match. In a relationship, you prefer the man to take responsibility.

In their youth, women of this type are often burned and fall in love with weaker-minded men and are incredibly tormented with them.

4. Vyacheslav Tikhonov from the Soviet TV series "17 Moments of Spring"

Behind your husband like a stone wall is what you are looking for in a relationship. And it usually does. You are able to understand and forgive a lot, however, if you learn about cheating, you never forgive, even if you stay with this man.

“The main thing is the weather in the house” - women who like this type of men often say. And often this weather is the merit of these women. You know how to smooth rough edges, non-conflict, feminine.

If none of these types appeal to you

You value sincerity in a relationship, even if it is bitter, but true. You are definitely not one of those women who can live with the unloved for years. You want to develop yourself and that your partner develops with you. Love interesting men who know how to dress stylishly and deal with women.

Sometimes you are capable of rash and strange actions, but in the end everything turns in your favor. You are a little more of a witch than any other woman.

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