What Things Surprise Russians About Scandinavian Women

What Things Surprise Russians About Scandinavian Women
What Things Surprise Russians About Scandinavian Women

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Scandinavian countries are in many ways a model of gender equality for residents of other states. Even by the standards of a tolerant Europe, citizens of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland have too many opportunities, sometimes taking on male responsibilities, even in relationships with lovers. However, many of them allow their husbands to cheat or even cohabit with other women. What is so special about Scandinavian women?


In the Viking Age

In medieval Scandinavia, 12 years of age was considered optimal for a girl to marry. For the bride, the groom's family usually paid a lot of money, a kind of ransom. Having profitably married his daughter to a representative of another village, the Viking thus enlisted the support of his neighbors in the defense from the enemy.

Sometimes the girl was given to a family with which they were at enmity, like a hostage. The calculation was simple: one of the Vikings from another clan will begin to cohabit with her, and after the birth of a child in such an alliance, former enemies will become relatives - and the military confrontation will end.

However, a Scandinavian woman could file for divorce if:

the spouse dresses poorly and looks sloppy; does not satisfy her in bed; is homosexual.

However, he could well cheat on her with other women. This was not a reason for divorce and division of property.

Mistress and wife in the same house

The Viking had the right not only to have mistresses, but he could bring concubines directly to the family, and they lived in the same house with his wife.

Some warriors brought girls from predatory raids on neighboring lands, others bought slaves in slave markets, and still others entered into relationships with women from the lower social strata of society. Often one Viking, in addition to his official wife, had two or three concubines.

The wives did not mind, because the mistresses had no legal rights and did not threaten their status.

Swedish family

Of course, the term "Swedish family" is a stereotype that does not reflect the real view of the Scandinavians on marriage. However, there is no smoke without fire. Like their distant ancestors, residents of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland are calm about the betrayal of their spouses. Therefore, there are many cases when one man cohabits with two ladies at once, and they are not considered to be something out of the ordinary.

Sometimes two married couples enter into such relationships. Less commonly, two men share one woman. Scandinavians are far from being conservatives in the field of intimate relationships; in the middle of the twentieth century, a sexual revolution took place here. Local hippies lived in communes where love was free not in words, but in deeds.

Some Scandinavian women continue intimate relationships with ex-husbands, divorce is not a hindrance for them. Moreover, the current spouses of ex-marriage partners also participate in such entertainments. Such family orgies turn out.

Girls are shown male genitals

In the Scandinavian countries, sexuality education for children is an important part of the educational process. The European Bureau of the World Health Organization has developed a training program called Standards for Sexuality Education. Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland are fully guided by this document.

Sexual education for Scandinavian babies begins as early as four (!) Years old. Adults are obliged to tell such crumbs about the pleasure of physical intimacy and self-satisfaction. And five-year-olds learn that families are different and love is possible between representatives of the same sex.Between 6 and 9 years old, children learn how to behave when faced with a pedophile, and what is acceptable consensual sex. Ten-year-olds are given recommendations on how to masturbate and have an orgasm. And only at twelve quite young Scandinavians learn from the school curriculum that the relationship between men and women is not only sex, but also romance.

Girls are taught in elementary school what prostitution, pornography and sexual addiction are. They are shown films showing the male reproductive organ, including in an excited state. Invited bisexuals and transvestites come to the lessons, who share their life experiences with the kids.

Such educational programs are shown on TV so that parents can watch them with the kids and answer their questions.

Intimacy on the first date

For Scandinavian girls, sex on the first date is almost a must. Romantic stories here begin the same way: I went to a bar, behaved frankly, picked up a boyfriend for one night. The next morning, after a stormy night, young people usually get to know each other. If they like each other, they start dating and get to know each other better. But no, so no. It's a matter of everyday life.

Moreover, the initiative in a relationship often belongs to a woman. It is she who should call him and write SMS after the first date, if she wants to continue pleasant communication.

Many young Scandinavians do not marry, but simply cohabit. For example, in Sweden it is called samboskap. They are registered only after the appearance of children. And fathers often go on maternity leave to care for a child.

They wash in baths together with men

In Finnish saunas, men and women steam together. As in public baths, where families go, as a rule, and at home. This is a tradition. Shy people can wrap themselves in a towel, but most Finns and Swedes are not ashamed of nudity, it is customary for them to pay no attention to members of the opposite sex who come to wash. In some public baths, certain days are set when men and women take a steam bath separately.

They live in the same barracks

Since 2015, Norway has introduced compulsory conscription for women. The reason for this decision was the recognition of the gender equality of the citizens of this country. In 2017, Sweden followed the example of its neighbors.

The girls do not mind, because there are fewer places in the armies of the Scandinavian countries than those who want to serve. The military leadership selects recruits and recruits on a competitive basis. For example, in Norway every year, out of about 60 thousand young boys and girls who want to take the oath, only 8-10 thousand new recruits wear military uniforms.

Inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries and earlier could at will become military personnel. So, the Finns got the right to serve in the army in 1995. Moreover, the blonde beauties not only live in the same barracks with their male colleagues, but also wash with them, of course.

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