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Gold You Are Ours

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Almost all newlyweds give each other their word to preserve love forever, but, unfortunately, not everyone succeeds. And the heroes of "Vecherka" succeeded.


The awarding ceremony for the “golden couples” who have been married for 50 years or more took place in the capital's concert hall “Russia”.

A holiday was organized here. Solemn, but family friendly. Instead of the usual armchairs, they put large round tables on them - tea with sweets, cakes, sandwiches, champagne: the anniversary of love is a special case! And the "golden" Moscow couples were congratulated by the mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin and the head of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Moscow population, Vladimir Petrosyan.

- This year, most of you celebrated a "golden" wedding, and some celebrated even more respectable anniversaries. If you remember the times when you came to the registry office, your family life began at a wonderful time, when the city and the whole country breathed with optimism, - said Sergei Sobyanin and recalled some of the events of that time.

For example, half a century ago, a landmark decree was issued to increase the duration of vacations to 15 days, the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya metro line was just opened in Moscow, and "Prisoner of the Caucasus" appeared on the screens - a film about love that cannot be resisted.

The stories of today's heroes are no less interesting.

At least now film it! Yuri Petrovich and Ekaterina Alexandrovna Bobylev were married in 1967.

A year before that, Yuri Petrovich was rebuilding Tashkent after the earthquake.

- At the construction site, it means, I see, there is a girl: pretty, slender, thin, - recalls Bobylev. - I called her, she came up.

So Yuri Petrovich met his Catherine.

“We met for a year, but I realized that this woman was not for meetings: either to marry, or to part,” says Bobylev.

In order to make a decision, the young man needed only a month. A year after the wedding, the Bobylevs had a daughter, Natalya. Now she and her family (Yuri Petrovich and Ekaterina Aleksandrovna already have an adult grandson) lives in London.

The relatives of the older Bobylevs do not forget: they receive them as guests, and they themselves often visit Moscow, Kommunarka, where their parents bought an apartment seven years ago.

- But before we got this housing, my wife and I lived for a long time apart, - says Yuri Petrovich. - I went from Tashkent to work in Penza, then to Yegoryevsk, and then to Moscow. I tried to earn money for an apartment in order to transport my wife and mother-in-law.

So almost half of family life has passed at a distance.

“But I never even thought about parting with Katya,” says Bobylev. - Is it possible to offend a loved one like that ?! Another pair of heroes of the day - Labyniny. The young tanker Vladimir Labynin met his other half at the club.

- I saw and immediately understood - I will marry, - Vladimir Fadeevich smiles.

First, he and Evgenia Pavlovna began a correspondence.

“It turns out that my friend gave him the address,” the woman says. - They corresponded for a year, and then they gave him leave - he served in Germany. Then I saw him for the first time. We only had a few hours that we spent on the bench.

Then the young lieutenant was transferred to Moscow, to the General Staff. She stayed in Velikiye Luki.

- And then one day Vladimir invited me to the capital.

I came and fell in love with this city, - says Labynina. - But there were no declarations of love, no offers, and I left. And a year later he comes, takes the hand and leads to the registry office.

Since then, they have not parted and this year they celebrated an "iron" wedding - 65 years old.

Muscovites Gavrilins also celebrated their wedding anniversary, not just a simple one, but a “golden one”. Oleg Nikolaevich and Lyudmila Pavlovna met at the Moscow Institute of Chemical Technology. Mendeleev.

“We never imagined that we would celebrate this anniversary in such a solemn atmosphere,” said Lyudmila Gavrilina, speaking from the stage.

And she ended her speech like this: “Years have passed, but we are not old yet …” Indeed, what an old age, if for a loved one you are still the most beautiful and young.

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