What Is Presented On February 14 In Different Countries

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What Is Presented On February 14 In Different Countries
What Is Presented On February 14 In Different Countries

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Chocolate, flowers and valentines - this is what the girls of the world will be strewn with today, February 14th. Yes, the palette of gifts for Valentine's Day cannot be called colorful, but this is only at first glance.


talked with Ilya Kretov, CEO of eBay in Russia and emerging markets in Europe, and learned that a week before the holiday, truly unusual things are being bought in different countries. That there is only a cheerleader costume popular in Italy or a chainsaw - in Spain! WMJ.ru decided to speculate on what these gifts can be useful for and what other preferences for the holiday of lovers appear among residents of different continents.


Travel guides and travel sites say that in America, the main gift for Valentine's Day is chocolate. But the local shopping basket on online platforms says the opposite: in the ranking of the most popular gifts, a thing far from sweets. Here guys hunt for their loved ones for a postage stamp with the word Love from a limited collection.

American women order lip glosses, false eyelashes and nail polishes to impress their soul mate. The cherry on the cake has become a must-have for a good evening - bed linen, which residents of the States also actively buy before February 14.

Great Britain

In Foggy Albion, Valentine's Day is abbreviated as V-day. And the prim British approach him in the most practical way. According to eBay, mattresses and beautiful lingerie are the most bought. And what else can be more useful for the holiday of lovers? Nothing but … a game console, the British think! Yes, yes, it is it, along with mattresses, that is most often purchased by February 14 in order to play your favorite football with your soul mate in the evenings.

st in England and more romantic traditions of gifts - offering the patron of the holiday Valentine poems, songs and sonnets of his own composition.


The recognized heartbreaker capital delights with stylish and practical gifts. In the top are smartphones of the latest generations, sneakers from famous brands and silver jewelry.

there were also extravagant options, such as colored contact lenses and kinesiological tape. What is it? A special patch for athletes that improves blood flow and has an analgesic effect in areas of muscle strain. Probably, in France, lovers are so hinted that it is time to pay more attention to physical activity.


After much deliberation on the festive Italian wishlist, we realized that by February 14th they prepare very responsibly. For an ardent romantic date, buy a carnival white mask, a cheerleader costume and condoms. For a calmer and more comfortable one - pajamas in the shape of an animal and a coffee machine to sit for a long time with the other half over a cup of your favorite drink.

One popular Valentine's Day gift is a watch. They are in demand due to the fact that Italians have a special attitude towards punctuality. To be 15 minutes late is acceptable, but to make a person wait for more than a quarter of an hour - and at the meeting point you will no longer be able to meet him. Still, a watch is an actual gift for girls during the period of constant dates, isn't it?


On the other side of the world, in faraway Australia, one cannot imagine life without music - on the street every now and then you can meet people humming a soulful melody under their breath. That is why, even on February 14, the most desired and purchased gift is musical headphones. The second line of popularity was again taken by smartphones and laptops, but then the gifts only become more interesting.

The inhabitants of the fifth continent love the surrounding nature so much that for Valentine's Day they order cartridges for the Fujifilm Polaroid: they probably want to capture the best moments of a romantic date.Plus, artificial rose petals and decorative ears of bunnies and cats are purchased. Definitely for the beauty of the frames or something more spicy


crazy - it is he, along with Valentine's Day, is celebrated on February 14 in Germany. Therefore, a week before the holidays, they go to online stores for socks, building materials and men's underpants. Although the more familiar attributes of Valentine's Day are in use - black lace masks and gifts in the form of phone cases.


In this country, the holiday on February 14 was born quite recently, in the middle of the 20th century, therefore it is considered a youth holiday. Hot Spaniards give red roses to their lovers and take them to restaurants, but some are especially different and prefer to approach the romantic season in an original way.

like in other countries, they buy phone cases and watches, but they add a chainsaw to their wish list! We hope they need it for sawing wood and an evening picnic around the fire with their beloved.


But in the Netherlands, as a local resident Luc Rixen told us, the holiday is considered far-fetched at all: "Here they mainly buy sweets and flowers, since February 14 is not such a significant event for expensive gifts."

It is not so interesting for Holland to produce a wow effect on a soul mate, it is more important to please the preferences of a loved one or a loved one.


And in our country everything is according to the standards: necklaces and pendants, rings, watches, dresses, masks and scrubs. White crows in this extravaganza of traditional presents were only orders for anti-aging creams, video games, tea and, attention, agate stone. Precisely stone! They say that it gives longevity, health, and that is why it is so popular among our creative compatriots.

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