Media: Chris Pratt Meets Olivia Mann

Media: Chris Pratt Meets Olivia Mann
Media: Chris Pratt Meets Olivia Mann

Video: Media: Chris Pratt Meets Olivia Mann

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It seems that after the divorce from Anna Faris, Chris Pratt did not sit alone for long. According to the American OK !, the actor found solace in the arms of his colleague Olivia Munn. This was told to reporters by a source from close circles of the couple.

Chris and Olivia have a genuine bond … She and Chris really love each other, says the insider.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris

It seems that the news of her ex-husband's romantic relationship greatly upset Anna Faris. Friends of the actress claim that she is just furious and regards this as a betrayal. Earlier in an interview, Anna openly said that her husband sympathized with Olivia, and even admired her work herself.

However, such jealousy in this case looks very strange. After all, almost immediately after the divorce, Anna started an affair with director of photography Michael Barrett.

We will remind that Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced the separation in August last year. The actress met her current lover on the set of the movie Overboard by Bob Fisher and Rob Greenberg. The tape will be released in wide distribution in 2018.

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