What Makes Guys Handsome, Cute, Sexy

What Makes Guys Handsome, Cute, Sexy
What Makes Guys Handsome, Cute, Sexy

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Girls constantly give us food for thought, breaking the usual ideas about the world, themselves and male appearance. By what criteria does a man fall into one category or another? And why does one become beautiful for them, the other cute, the third attractive, and the fourth sexy? Can't all of these words relate to each other? For us, maybe yes, but not for women. Moreover, information about our physical attractiveness and its gradation is negligible. Therefore, we try to understand who is who in our field using classic examples and numerous comments of girls.


Handsome man

Determining male beauty, and indeed the beauty of a person, is quite difficult. She, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. And this whole thing is very subjective, however, from the majority of subjective opinions, one objective can be formed. So we will try to push off from him. The handsome man is usually presented in a rather classic way, which can be found in Hollywood movies of the 30-50s of the last century. Humphrey Bogart or Gregory Peck are suitable for the description. A tall and stately man with a face perfect for sculpture. That is, without the slightest flaw. His eyes are set straight, his forehead is not too high or low, not too wide or narrow. Plus, such a man has a prominent chin. And often he is also very charismatic, which adds even more beauty to him, like George Clooney or Johnny Depp. There are such people in every era.

Attractive man

Handsome guys can be attractive, but attractive guys don't always manage to be beautiful. Such a paradox. Attractive men often have feminine features in some places. And this causes a feeling in them of a certain depth, as well as secrecy, dreaminess and inaccessibility, which stirs up the interest of the girls. Often also men, who become better and more beautiful with age, in their youth possessed precisely the traits of attractiveness, not beauty. They are always pleasant to look at, they inspire admiration and even awe, but not lust. But they should not be upset, because over the years they will grow prettier and will heat up their interest in themselves so much that there will definitely be no end of the fans. Sexual complexes that kill the man in you

Nice man

This type of men looks more like a stuffed toy with which a girl sleeps in an embrace. They are just as soft, delicious, partly silent, there is no aggression in them, and you have to try to make them angry. But this does not mean at all that women do not choose such guys, but only do what they look at and are touched by. But they also do not cause much sexual arousal, next to them one cannot feel that irrepressible force that is ready at any moment to grab a woman by the hand, say "mine" and take her away. And there is no question of throwing her into bed abruptly. A great advantage of the appearance of such men is that they practically do not age, remaining after 10 years the same as before. Women like this, and looking at 40 as at 25 is not bad, but still not always respectable.

Pretty man

A typical marker, with which girls can put their own checkboxes on every second. A universal term that does not describe a man from some unsightly side, but at the same time makes it clear that he does not possess any outstanding features of appearance, first of all, and also of character. There are quite a few such men, they are always around the girls, playing more the role of some kind of decoration or piece of furniture, but not from the luxurious collection of the eminent master.However, this is not so bad, for each such guy there is his own girl who does not chase after something too difficult and unattainable. 6 things that instantly turn women away from men

Sexy man

A model of male sexuality is different for everyone, but Daniel Craig can be cited as a vivid example. There is a kind of crude masculinity in his appearance, something akin to primitive, which does not make him a traditionally handsome, attractive or handsome man. Plus, sexuality is such a thing that usually exists outside of appearance, separately, hovering around a man. If you remove this atmosphere, then the man will not immediately become uninteresting, ugly and incapable of anything. No, he remains the same as he was, just from the category of sexual will go to the category of beautiful or attractive.

Ugly but sexy man

A rare occurrence that women do not pay attention to so often. Apparently, because it occurs over and over again. For them this is an inexplicable fact, and for men it is even more. After all, you certainly were at least once surprised to see a girl on the street, as if she had just stepped off the cover, who is hugged around the waist with her sweaty paw, by no means the most handsome man. This is due to this notorious sexuality, which does not consist of appearance, but of other factors. For example, masculinity, seriousness, sense of humor and others. So, for example, the favorite of women, Celentano, is considered by many to be an ugly man, but only a few could resist him before. The same goes for the French film star Jean-Paul Belmondo, who was also recognized by many women as a model of sexuality, despite his huge potato nose and big ears. So do not get upset ahead of time, everyone has a chance to become the standard of male sexuality, including you. How the image of a man changed, from the 20th century to the present day

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