The Biggest Female Sexual Mistakes

The Biggest Female Sexual Mistakes
The Biggest Female Sexual Mistakes

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No one enters into a relationship with the idea that in a few years you will have sex as often as a lunar eclipse, and not even close to be as enchanting as it is now. Nevertheless, for various reasons, on some separate nights, you are more likely to watch the twists and turns of the series on TV than to rip off each other's clothes. Of course, every couple's sex life has its ups and downs, but a constant and relentless decline is not necessarily inevitable. Read on for some tips on what you should never do with your man that might help you save your sex life.

1. Do not fulfill your physiological needs in the presence of your boyfriend.

You have never felt so comfortable with any man in your life. Sumptuously. But just because you can leave the bathroom door open when shaving your armpits or peeing doesn't mean you should. Of course, there are couples who feel great, fulfilling certain physiological needs in the presence of each other, but this must be done wisely, and not casually. Carelessness is too mundane, and in doing so, you are acting like brother and sister. It's very intimate, of course, but not sexy at all. This means that if you have a pimple on your back, then it is better to go to your dermatologist with this problem, and not ask your man to squeeze it out. This intimacy has nothing to do with sexuality and desirability.

2. Don't make your bed a stuffed animal zoo.

If a teddy bear takes pride of place on your pillow, then in this way you declare that your bed is a place for gentle hugs, and not for ardent passion. And your boudoir, decorated with ruffles and bows, may not make either of you want to act at all. It is like saying "I am an immature little girl and therefore I am not sexy."

This does not mean that your bedroom should be decorated in a sexy, sexy style with leopard prints from floor to ceiling, but there should be something in it that would prompt sexual thoughts and create a sensual atmosphere. At the very least, it should be a bed that would make him want to put you in it. The above does not in any way mean that your bedroom should be devoid of femininity, but that femininity should be sexual.

3. Do not leave the TV turned on.

You are lying in bed, just you, him and Mr. TV. What's wrong? Nothing, except that it's not quite sex-friendly. Watching movies together is an action that you do side by side, but not face to face, and you are more attuned to the wave of the protagonist of the series than to the guy next to you. A study by Italian psychologists found that families who watch TV in the bedroom have half as much sex as those who do not. The energy of bringing outer life into your personal world distracts you from feeling close to your partner. Our sex life is a hostage to everything that happens around - work, children, etc. - therefore, you must consciously protect your intimacy and your intimate world.

4. Do not use sex as a means of obtaining material benefits.

Many women use sex to cheer up their boyfriend before dumbfounded by the news that they spent a fortune on a new handbag, or will not agree to sex unless he buys them a new dishwasher. This is an absolutely pernicious approach.

When sex happens entirely of your own choosing, it is aware of the imbalance of power in your relationship, which can ultimately lead to resentment, resentment, and resentment. Moreover, when you act as a sex controller, you are too focused on punishing or rewarding your partner, instead of focusing on your pleasure. Sex serves to please both of them, not to serve someone.

Of course, hardly any of us will openly say: “No sex until you take out the trash,” but the mood of dissatisfaction with what the partner did not do is undoubtedly reflected. When this happens from time to time, then you are no longer up to sex, you more want to force your man to do something or punish him for not doing it. Of course, it's much easier to feel the urge to have sex with a man who washed the dishes, took out the trash and vacuumed the carpet, but the punishment of refusing to do anything, be it sex, a word, or some kind of affection, is wrong. Leave your baggage of negative emotions in front of your bedroom doors and discuss them later. Moreover, after fantastic sex, your man will most likely want to please himself and do what you unsuccessfully forced him to do.

5. Don't fake an orgasm.

He spent a good hour straining his back and other parts of his body and … nothing. Are you tired. You are under stress. It’s not his fault. But faking an orgasm isn't fair. Moreover, it widens the gap between partners. If you fake an orgasm in order to protect his ego, then you not only do not experience an orgasm, but you spend even more energy trying to convince him that you are. You take on his emotional work, but that is not your role. If you fear that your man might be hurt, you take on his worries, and this is not at all sexy.

The ideal solution would be to take the initiative into your own hands (both figuratively and literally) and at the same time show him how to do it in order to give you maximum pleasure, but when it doesn’t work out, it’s better to just say "I feel good." And if you want to achieve an orgasm, it is better to talk to him about why, in your opinion, this does not work, perhaps you are too stressed or distracted by other thoughts.

6. Don't discuss your previous lovers.

Being honest in bed does not mean that you have to post complete and accurate information about your previous sex life. Even if your only goal when mentioning your ex is the fact that you want to tell your current partner that no one else compares to him, it's best not to talk about your exes. Otherwise, your boyfriend will start imagining Daniel Craig or Antonio Banderas getting you down on the bed and satisfying you better than he could.

Leave the number of your past lovers a secret, this should be done not because if it is large, he will decide that you are a woman of not too harsh behavior, but because men begin to worry about whether they are on the level. After all, you don't have to be a professor of mathematics to calculate by simple calculations that every man cannot be the best. However, each of them would like to consider what was best with him.

So don't mention 1, 2, or 20 unforgettable moments you had with men in the past and let him have this little illusion that he is the best and thus instill confidence in him. And sex with a confident man is usually better than sex with someone who will involuntarily think if he is worse than your ex. If you really want to try something that you did with one of your exes, it is better to say “I would like you to touch..” rather than say “I once tried to do it this way- this and that and that was cool. "All men are very sensitive to such words, they want to be special, and not just next on the list.

7. Don't become a super mom at the expense of a super wife.

After the birth of the child, you did not begin to love your husband less, on the contrary, you probably love him even more. But you are not the first and you are not the last in the fact that your thoughts are now absorbed by the child. After all day you play the role of a loving and caring mother, you simply do not have the strength and desire for something else. This is understandable, but it also means that you are more likely to say no to sex. This is bad for both of you.

To help your sex life get through the years leading up to your child’s schooling, understand one simple thing - love doesn’t have a finite, finite amount, but your energy does. It is important not to spend all of it during the day, but to leave something for the night. Therefore, take breaks and rest for yourself during the day. The main thing is not to consider sex preparation time as another important task that you need to complete today. Think about the fact that when you give yourself, your energy to someone all day, namely a child, having sex with your husband can be a reward and give you pleasure and the feeling that you are a sexy and desirable mother, and not a mother hen.

8. Don't treat him like your girlfriend.

Think of the last time you dragged your boyfriend to a shoe store and forced him to hold his coat, bag and umbrella while you selflessly tried on dozens of pairs of shoes, or when you honestly told them that you had wild indigestion. When you returned home after that, did you want to pounce on him and rip off his clothes? Unlikely. Just because you enjoy doing what you do with your friends doesn't mean you should.

Your sex life aside, the biggest reason your man shouldn't act as a girlfriend is because he just can't do it! And if he fails in this role, it will be bad for both of you and of course it will not bring you closer. Leave this function to your girlfriends, and let your man be your man.

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