Aries Pamper, Taurus Create Comfort, And Cancer "choke" With Care: How Different Signs Of The Zodiac Courting Their Men

Aries Pamper, Taurus Create Comfort, And Cancer "choke" With Care: How Different Signs Of The Zodiac Courting Their Men
Aries Pamper, Taurus Create Comfort, And Cancer "choke" With Care: How Different Signs Of The Zodiac Courting Their Men

Video: Aries Pamper, Taurus Create Comfort, And Cancer "choke" With Care: How Different Signs Of The Zodiac Courting Their Men

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Today, on the eve of Valentine's Day, we will talk about how the young ladies of the zodiacal pantheon courting their men, how they demonstrate their love to them. And whether they are courting, after all, there are those who, in principle, do not do this, because they believe that it should be surrounded by care.


Aries (march 21 - april 20)

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If the Aries young lady intends to make a man her husband or loves him very much, she pampers him, exponentially arranges his life, takes an interest in his life. True, after some time, she suddenly begins to need a "back reaction", she expects that now her chosen one will try hard: he will surround her with unprecedented care, comfort, constant reminders of her love. If the gentleman just likes it a little, the Aries young lady "turns on the princess" who is expecting feats in her honor and does not want to strain for the sake of a hypothetical partner.

Taurus (april 21 - may 20)

Young Taurus ladies are wisely trying to create not only physical, but also psychological comfort for their men, it is important for them that their chosen one feels relaxed, that they crave to come again and again, well, or, if already a family, return home early and with great willingness. They prepare exactly those dishes that their beloved loves, are silent when they need silence and think, and give advice at the very moment when they are in dire need of them.

Gemini (may 21 - june 21)

The Gemini young lady courting her man only if at this particular moment she wants to play a good housewife, and if she is wearing the mask of a fatal seductress, adventurer, windy or frivolous person, then there is no guardianship and care. Sex for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as a seasoning - unpredictable actions and spontaneous tantrums, and let someone else create comfort. And she cannot listen carefully to the chosen one - she prefers to speak herself.

Cancer (june 22 - july 22)

The Cancer young lady is suffocatingly caring. She will certainly feed, even if her man is not hungry at all, she will tie a scarf around his neck, give a hundred instructions for the day, take a three-course dinner with her, and will not forget about a mini-first-aid kit for three kilograms. She constantly prying out how her chosen one feels, what is happening at his work, what are his plans for the next three hundred years. In general, infantile narcissists who adore being taken care of and are categorically unsuitable for everyday life live well with the representatives of this sign.

Leo (july 23 - august 22)

The Leo young lady, of course, can be caring and courteous, fuss around her man and even wash his shirts, but basically this is a gift for which her chosen one then has to pay, a mask imposed by social rituals, which is held on the face of the representative of this sign for a very short time, and even then only if she completely lost her head from this person. And if she just allows herself to be loved, then there will be no courting at all.

Virgo (august 23 - september 22)

Young Virgo ladies try to do everything according to the rules: to keep the house and their man clean (even if they are just dating him), to feed him deliciously, to push him to some kind of career and personal achievements. But it is difficult to call this "courting", since the representatives of this sign build their bright future with such behavior, and do not demonstrate their boundless love.They are tuned in to peace-harmony-well-being and scrupulously fulfill their part of the responsibilities from the deal, which other people call amorous relationships.

Libra (september 23 - october 22)

Libra ladies are champions in courting their men. Moreover, what is important, for competent courting. They do everything in moderation, do not go too far, but their gentlemen, as a rule, are absolutely sure that no one, except their beloved, will "lick" them like that. Representatives of this sign are excellent cooks, they love to buy and give gifts to their beloved, they subtly notice which topics it is better to talk to, and what should be kept silent so as not to provoke a conflict. And they are not burdened by it; it is natural and vital for them to live as a partner.

Scorpio (october 23 - november 21)

The Scorpio young lady does not so much courting her man as she builds a whole world for him in which he may be comfortable or uncomfortable, but he is no longer able to get out of which, and therefore chokes, but gets used to, tries to resist, but somehow not for real. Representatives of this sign deftly and skillfully manage their chosen ones, and even if they periodically go hungry and in unfinished shirts, they are still sure that their woman is the best.

Sagittarius (november 22 - december 21)

Ladies-Sagittarius, as a rule, do not court their men. They believe that they do not owe them anything, that it is enough that they let some gentleman into their lives and into their bed, and that everyone should create all kinds of everyday conveniences for himself. In general, getting up in the morning and collecting breakfast for your beloved is most often not about the representatives of this sign. There are, of course, and with them short-term bouts of solicitude and servility, but this is purely a whim that quickly passes.

Capricorn (december 22 - january 19)

The Capricorn lady fully courting and "licking" her man only if he is a breadwinner, and she sits at home, arranges her life and spends his earned money. That's when there are always clean shirts with starched collars, and delicious food, and intimate conversations when her chosen one wants it, and sex without restrictions, and even compliments to cajole his pride. Well, if she earns money herself, then she will not try to court her partner.

Aquarius (january 20 - february 18)

The young lady-Aquarius does everything for her man that, in her opinion, a woman should do for the one whom she considers to be an amorous partner. If he is already married to him, then he cooks, cleans up, supports in endeavors, lets go for a walk with friends in dosage. If he is just dating, he periodically invites him home for romantic dinners, listens patiently to boasting, demonstrates that he is proud of everything that he has achieved, and believes that the best achievements are yet to come.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

All Pisces young ladies dream to be courted and "licked". And then, traditionally, there are two categories. The first are convinced that a man who loves them is obliged to create greenhouse conditions for them, cook, wash, clean, and they will either work, or generally only engage in their hobby and decorate the world of the chosen one; some are lucky and they find such a person, while the majority while away the century alone. Well, the latter put themselves on the altar of marriage, "lick" their husbands, completely forget about themselves and live with resentment in their souls at fate and at the one who got married, but did not provide a comfortable life.

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