Celebrities Who Completely Trust Their Soulmates

Celebrities Who Completely Trust Their Soulmates
Celebrities Who Completely Trust Their Soulmates

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Tatiana Bulanova


With her ex-husband Vladislav Radimov, Tatyana lived under the same roof for ten years. The couple broke up not at all because of the man's betrayal. Tatiana says that she had to constantly be away from her husband. The spouse was also on the move. The singer claims that she simply did not have time to be jealous. The woman is convinced that it is not worth spending time on this negative feeling, because there are more important things in life.

Monica Bellucci

The celebrity lived with her husband for about seventeen years. However, the couple did not live in the same house. They could be away from each other for several months. Then passionate evenings took them prisoner again. They were happy, since their freedom was not limited, but the magic of love eventually disappeared, so the couple decided to divorce. Monica still remembers those times with warmth.

Sasha Savelyeva

The singer from Russia starred in an erotic photo shoot in the company of her husband. Their images repeated Desdemona and Othello. However, in the life of this star couple, everything is completely the opposite, since they are happy together and practically do not quarrel. Sasha is very wise, so she understands that jealousy can destroy any relationship. She completely trusts her husband, supporting him in all endeavors.

Vanessa Paradis

When the star was married to Johnny Depp, she understood that there was no point in being jealous, because her husband would always be surrounded by female attention. She entered into an agreement with her husband, which states that he must tell her about the betrayal right away. Vanessa is ready to forgive absolutely everything, but she hates lies.

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