Abravitova Named 5 Primary Signs That A Partner Is Not Suitable For You

Abravitova Named 5 Primary Signs That A Partner Is Not Suitable For You
Abravitova Named 5 Primary Signs That A Partner Is Not Suitable For You

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Parting with a partner is an unpleasant event that sometimes makes life easier, if not both, then at least one. Most of all, we are offended for the wasted time, emotions and feelings that we could give to another, more suitable candidate for the role of a soul mate. Marianna Abravitova, PhD in Psychology, told Vechernyaya Moskva about the main signs that your partner is absolutely not suitable for you.


Relationships drag you down

Any close interaction between people should pull both to the top. This is especially true for partners in a relationship. You can be good at different things, each in its own way. It gives motivation, striving for the best. If relationships reduce your efficiency, worsen relationships with family and loved ones and bring destructive things to life, it's definitely time to end them.

In dealing with a person, you cannot be yourself

True love implies unconditionality. A mother will not stop loving her child because of a wrong nose or voice, and even character is not able to provoke her indifference. Of course, love between partners has a completely different character. But in this context, there is only one message - if you love a person, then the way he is. You can't be with someone in front of whom you constantly think what to say and how to laugh. Exactly the same as with someone who is trying to bend you to his ideal, literally trampling the personality into the ground.

You experience discomfort during intimacy

Sex is one of the fundamental things in building a healthy relationship. When, at the moment of intimacy, you feel discomfort, each time making excuses, coming up with excuses like a headache, then this process with a partner causes you to associate with physical violence. This attitude has no place in normal romantic relationships.

You have too different rhythm of life

He loves to play computer all night, and you fall off your feet after work. Every weekend you go to a party with your friends, and he stays at home watching TV series. In relationships, as in nature, balance is important. Disharmony leads to constant quarrels and scandals.

You feel uncomfortable when you see each other

Speaking of any type of relationship, from friendships to working relationships, it should be noted that people exchange energy when communicating. A person feels the need for the company of people close to him for the sake of comfort, tranquility, and improved mood. If you suddenly feel uncomfortable talking, expressing your thoughts, or just spending time with your partner, this is a sign that the relationship needs to end. Subconsciously, we cling to unnecessary people because of emotional attachment, but not because of a sincere feeling of love.

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