7 Rules For A Successful Marriage From Psychologist Olga Romaniv

7 Rules For A Successful Marriage From Psychologist Olga Romaniv
7 Rules For A Successful Marriage From Psychologist Olga Romaniv

Video: 7 Rules For A Successful Marriage From Psychologist Olga Romaniv

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What is family life? Everyone will have their own answer to this question - it all depends on age, social status and life priorities. But whatever the idea of ​​family life, every person wants this life to be happy, and the marriage itself to be successful. The correspondent of the Express-Novosti news agency spoke with the psychologist Olga Romaniv, the founder and head of the Classics of Relationships Dating Club, about what needs to be done so that love and joy reign in the family.


Any person, even one who at first glance denies family values, thinks about them, understands what exactly he wants to see in a partner, what kind of relationship he is looking for. In reality, everyone in their thoughts and beliefs comes to one thing: the family should be, and it should be happy. To accomplish this, it is not enough to find your other half - letting the relationship take its course, you can lead to the fact that the family boat will crack or run aground. Relationships, like a ship, need skillful management, so if you want a happy family life, you need to follow a number of rules.

Love is good mutually

Without love, life seems gray, empty. It is this feeling that paints life with bright colors. And a family should be built only in harmony with mutual love, then many problems will not look so significant, because you two are together.

Don't expect fake respect

Your feelings should have an additional basis - respect. So you will understand the value of each other, value your relationship, and always think not only about yourself.

There is nothing more valuable than trust

Your relationship must be honest and sincere. If you start to lie to your loved one, then do not expect that your words will be taken on faith. Remember: it is easy to lose trust, but life may not give you a second chance.

You can't tie a knot with one hand

Always remember that a family is two people who have become one. There should be mutual understanding between you, you should make almost all decisions jointly.

Let's sit side by side and talk okay

You are a family, you are united by strong and bright feelings, while you are practically never together. This is the minus that will sooner or later affect your relationship. You should respect each other's personal space, but also spend your free time together - talk, consult with each other, relax, and sometimes just be silent.

Every house is held by the owner

You've probably heard many times that everyday life destroys any relationship. This can happen if you shift responsibilities over to each other, rather than distribute them. Life plays an important role, it tests your relationship - how much you are able to compromise and not make premature conclusions, for example, from dirty dishes. Remember: your home feels your emotions and brings them back to you.

The fire and the woman will light up when you stir them

I will add that the same can be said about men. Take care of each other, maintain the fire of passion, because your intimate side of life is an important component of family happiness.

If you follow all these simple rules, then your marriage will be worthy of the title of successful. Try it.

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