Psychic: "Bochkareva's Marriage Is Not Officially Registered"

Psychic: "Bochkareva's Marriage Is Not Officially Registered"
Psychic: "Bochkareva's Marriage Is Not Officially Registered"

Video: Psychic: "Bochkareva's Marriage Is Not Officially Registered"

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Marianna Abravitova believes that the new relationship of the actress is not love for the rest of her life

Natalya Bochkareva introduced her new chosen one to the public - the couple came together to the premiere of the film, and attentive journalists immediately noticed the ring on the "very" finger of the actress. In the media, headlines immediately appeared about Bochkareva's secret wedding. However, the psychic, psychologist and tarologist Marianna Abravitova is sure that this union is civil and not forever.

“No official marriage has been registered. That's for sure. I mean the legal registration of marriage. Bochkareva always lives for show, and if this situation had taken place, she would have thrown a feast for the whole world. The fact that they live together is yes. And this is most likely a civil marriage, "Abravitova told

“Yes, they are happy with everything, and they live beautifully. But all this for the time being. This couple is only together for now. I can say that they may even have thoughts about getting married, but all this has nothing to do with marriage in the registry office. Now they have harmony. Natalia is not an easy person, but together they are quite at ease. They are constantly in full view of the media, and sooner or later they would be credited with a wedding. But on the cards I see that this is not love until the end of life. Each of them will later have new alliances, and this union is just another one. By the way, Natalia's children support her current choice. When the couple decides to leave, all this will pass quietly and calmly, without excesses,”the psychic believes.

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