How To Maintain And Improve A Relationship In A Couple

How To Maintain And Improve A Relationship In A Couple
How To Maintain And Improve A Relationship In A Couple

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Olga Romaniv, family psychologist, talks about the four levels of acceptance of her man

Here we will talk about the levels of acceptance of men and the model of energy exchange in a couple. There are four levels of acceptance of partners in a pair:

1. Bodily, physiological (appearance, smell, intimacy).

2. Social realization (status, material level, building relationships with others).

3. Worldview.

4. Spirituality.

Acceptance is awareness of the fact as it is. And this is an adult position in life. If there is a thought that your partner will change, then you do not accept him, and his system will resist.

Physical acceptance. I like the way he looks, his smell, how he moves, how he eats. If something annoys insignificantly, then at the end of life it will be "nauseous." Full acceptance of a man occurs in intimacy with him. From acceptance comes the development of oneself and a man!

Acceptance of the social fulfillment of your man. If you don't like something about your partner and you start to "reshape" him, his system will resist change. If, for example, you know how to build relationships with the world, but your man does not know how, and it annoys you, you do not accept your man, he has no chance to change. These aspects will hinder your development and the development of your man.

Worldview. How a man thinks, how he understands. As he thinks, as he speaks. If a woman accepts the idea of ​​a man, she fills it with her energy and returns it to a man filled with development potential.

Spirituality. It is necessary to accept the man's system of values ​​and his principles of life.

Acceptance is respecting yourself for who I am and respecting your partner for who they are. If you have a desire to improve any aspect in a man, then there is a resource to improve yourself - work on yourself. But if you insist on change, then this phenomenon begins to spoil the relationship with your man. The man directs aggression towards you. It is also important to understand why there is no acceptance at any of the levels of interaction. It is necessary to turn to yourself and see how much you yourself accept yourself at the same levels: physical, social, worldview and spiritual level. It is no less useful to address all claims to your partner to yourself!

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