5 Common Mistakes Women Make In A Relationship

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5 Common Mistakes Women Make In A Relationship
5 Common Mistakes Women Make In A Relationship

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Psychologist Nastya Butenko (@butenko_psy) - about why it is impossible to divide everything into "masculine" and "feminine" and why you need to talk with your partner about topics that are usually kept silent.


Mistake 1: dividing into "masculine" and "feminine"

The division of all spheres into "masculine" and "feminine" is the most common mistake. Many women really believe that they are able to regulate relationships with the opposite sex themselves. In fact, we must understand: only 50% depends on us. For the other 50%, you need a partner who treats the relationship with the same attention.

In our society, the opinion is very widespread: a man should be responsible for money, a woman - for the emotional climate. But this is not the case. Once a woman decides she can control her partner's emotional state, the relationship ends. Understand, we cannot regulate this in the other person.

Mistake 2: not talking about "inconvenient topics"

Very often, women keep silent about topics that are important to themselves. It seems to them: first they must understand what their partner wants from them, and only then take into account their interests. Understand: you have the right to speak out on any topic (even scattered socks). Only then will the relationship be strong and healthy (read about codependent relationships here).

Mistake 3: targeting others

Women are often focused on the sphere of contact - they lose themselves, trying to adapt to the demands of others: men, society, parents. Men, meanwhile, perfectly understand what they want. This applies to all areas, including sexual. For this reason, a man does not care what he looks like when he has sex, while a woman cannot relax her stomach without getting pleasure. When you are focused on others, you stop understanding yourself. In such conditions, a person does not build a relationship, but tries to meet the expectations of a partner.

Mistake 4: being overprotective

There are men who need it. They are infantile and play the role of a not very independent boy. Overprotection will bring them pleasure. But this is not the norm. The cause of overprotection is anxiety. Did you pack your suitcase correctly? Did you take the keys? Did you miss your flight? When a person cannot relax, constantly monitoring every step of his partner, he is very, very bad.

Internal anxiety extends beyond relationships. There is a 90% chance that a person prone to overprotection will have panic attacks. This is already a story about health. He needs help.

Mistake 5: doing things that aren't fun

There are many women in the world who like to cook borscht, show a lot of care and give warmth. And that's great. This behavior is part of her personality. If a person hates to stand at the stove, but persuades himself, because "it is necessary", it turns out not a good story with a relationship. A woman is sure: a man will be there when she does what he expects of her (read why it is important to love yourself here). First of all, ask if your other half really needs this borscht? Men intuitively feel insincerity - no need to overact. Learn to listen to yourself!

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