Bigger Is Not Better: Do You Need To Worry If You Don't Have Much Sex In Your Life?

Bigger Is Not Better: Do You Need To Worry If You Don't Have Much Sex In Your Life?
Bigger Is Not Better: Do You Need To Worry If You Don't Have Much Sex In Your Life?

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When there is little intimacy, this is a cause for serious concern that concerns both partners. When there is a lot, it is a decrease in the acuity of sensations, leading to a cooling of the relationship. So how many nights of love should there be for partners to wish each other with anticipation of joy? Men are at their peak

activity, according to doctor-sex therapist Mikhail DVORKIN, in the period from 16 to 25 years.

Moreover, from 16 to 18 years old, young people can go on records by making love up to five to seven times a day. However, most often the sensations with such pleasures are shallow. Therefore, it is difficult to call the finishes in such marathons a full-fledged orgasm. Between the ages of 18 and 25, young people constantly feel the desire and are able to make love up to five times a day. Feelings during this period become deeper. After 25 years, male libido gradually decreases, and by the age of 30, health problems begin, which in one way or another affect sexual potential. Men from 30 to 40 years old, on average, make love two to three times a week, this is considered the norm. After forty, the figure drops sharply to once every 5-7 days.

A completely different way of developing sexual energy in women. Girls under 23-24 years old are most often unable to experience orgasm due to their sensual immaturity. Succumbing to the persuasion of partners, they make love as much as the man needs, but at the same time remain completely dissatisfied. Experts say that at this age girls do not feel the need for frequent sex, since they subconsciously sublimate sexual energy into other, more interesting activities for them. Sensuality appears by the age of 30 - for someone a little earlier, for someone a little later. After reaching this age, women dream of active sex on a regular basis. However, among men of the same age at this time, sexual energy is declining, so often young ladies find themselves younger lovers. Women live an active intimate life up to 42-45 years, then, in connection with the onset of menopause, the need for frequent intimacy gradually decreases.

“There is no such thing as“the required number of sexual contacts,”says sex therapist Mikhail DVORKIN. - There are no norms and calculations, therefore all the figures given are averaged. Each person has his own individual sexual potential, which he wants to realize with someone who is not indifferent to him. And only when the love energy of one partner does not coincide with the libido of the other, the question arises of whether they have enough sex or not. At the same time, lovemaking is vital for both men and women. If this need of the body is ignored, then a person develops a disorder of the nervous system and some functions of the work of internal organs are disrupted. So if you don't have sex in your life, this is definitely a cause for concern."


Expert commentary: “The understanding that physical love in our life is too much or, conversely, not enough, is based on our inner feelings,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - Everything here is individual, because one person needs to make love every day, while the other gets very tired of such a rhythm and two or three times a week is enough for him. But in the event that you noticed that just a month or two ago you made love almost every day, and now you literally heroically fulfill your marital duty once a week, then this is a reason to think about what is happening.

If a girl lacks sex, then it is likely that her partner has undergone some kind of life change.A sharp rejection of intimate relationships always has a specific reason. Perhaps this is a deterioration in well-being or severe overwork and lack of sleep. Chronic fatigue affects not only the mental state of a person, it affects the entire body. It is likely that libido in this case will be greatly reduced, and a man will be afraid to be ashamed in bed, so by hook or by crook he will avoid intimacy. Another common reason for a sharp decline in the number of sexual relationships is the appearance of another partner. No matter what evil tongues say about the ability of men to make love with several women in parallel, in most cases this is impracticable. They always need some time to switch. I also advise you to consider this reason.

If you are lonely and you have always lacked sex, and recently its lack has begun to directly affect your nervous system, then this situation must be changed, and this must be done as quickly as possible.

Of course, sexual potential can be sublimated into any hobby that interests you. It is important that it is enjoyable and you would like to spend any free minute on it. But this is a temporary solution to the problem, which will not help radically change the situation. Remember that a woman who does not have regular sex, especially after the age of 35, is at risk for female cancer. Your desired man is somewhere nearby, you just need to take a closer look around.

A man may also lack sex, but this is usually easily fixable. Young people who are motivated by sexual desire are practically uncontrollable, which is why many girlfriends, knowing about this feature of a partner, try to provoke their men to lovemaking as often as possible. This provides a partial guarantee that your partner will be so tired that he will not be able to fulfill his desires with another woman."


Commentary of the expert: “I must say that for men this situation is most often not a problem, provided that they are healthy and full of energy,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - According to the results of statistical studies, young people think about sex every two hours and mentally undress every fifth woman, so if there is more love in their life, this will not be cause for grief for them.

Most often, women suffer from an excess of sexual relations, and this is primarily due to their physiology. Numerous love pleasures involve active physical activity and frequent contact, as a result of which scuffs are formed. Women need a certain period of time to rest, gain strength and fully prepare for new love marathons. If they do not have such an opportunity, then the nights of love will turn into painful torture. Another difficulty lies in the fact that for the fairer sex, intimate relationships should contain elements of romance, for which men usually do not have enough time. Frequent mechanical sex quickly bothers the young ladies, and they begin, under any pretext, to avoid intimacy with a partner.

And finally, the very quality of sex is very important for women. Female physiology is arranged in such a way that they cannot get excited from half a turn, as a man does, the fair sex needs a long love foreplay. If she is absent, a woman in 90 percent of cases does not reach orgasm. A love relationship without the desired pleasure is unlikely to be of interest to a woman, she will not waste time on them, replacing sex with more interesting activities for her.

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