Incendiary, Passionate And Jealous: What Is She Like In Bed, A Scorpio Woman

Incendiary, Passionate And Jealous: What Is She Like In Bed, A Scorpio Woman
Incendiary, Passionate And Jealous: What Is She Like In Bed, A Scorpio Woman

Video: Incendiary, Passionate And Jealous: What Is She Like In Bed, A Scorpio Woman

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Video: What does SCORPIO Woman Like & Dislike in a Partner ? 2023, February

Wise, active and incredibly seductive - such epithets can briefly describe the Scorpio woman. She is able to make any man happy, whether he is an experienced Don Juan, a shy nerd or a fledgling youth. With the sexopathologist Mikhail DVORKIN, we will talk about women born under this

zodiac sign. Scorpions are considered extremely dangerous arthropods, the poison of which can take a person's life even after one bite. It seems logical that ladies born during the period of this zodiac sign should be fraught with certain risks. Considering the love context, we imagine such seducers - wayward, fatal and insidious. Is it so?

“These women are not at all like the representative of the fauna, after whom their zodiac sign is named,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - Prey and vindictiveness are alien to them, they do not hold a stone in their bosom to throw it at the most inopportune moment. From the scorpion, they got the ability to look out and wait for the victim during the hunt, but instead of a fatal bite, they do everything possible to make their partner happy. The Scorpio lady knows how to endure in order to get the desired man. And then she easily turns his intimate life into a real fairy tale. This comes out absolutely naturally for her, so the partner himself will not notice how, having tasted the "poison" of Scorpio, he will no longer be able to live without this woman."

According to Mikhail DVORKIN, Scorpios are the most talented seductresses of men, they act quickly and without misfires, often leaving their partner no choice.


Expert commentary: “The Scorpio woman is open and sincere,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - Therefore, all that she feels, a man can read in her gaze or understand by the manner of her behavior. If he musters up the courage and wishes to confirm or deny his impressions, then she will openly tell him about everything she feels. If you caught the languid look of a lady on yourself, then be sure you understood everything correctly. Moreover, her intentions are extremely serious. This is not an empty flirtation, as is often the case with women. For the Scorpio lady, this is a signal that she is ready to go for rapprochement. This quality is also convenient for feedback from a woman. She will honestly tell her partner what was wrong, what she liked and what was missing and should have been added. By and large, a man doesn't even need to be an entertainer. A lady is able to independently arrange everything that she would like. At the same time, she focuses on the taste of her partner and tries to make him like everything. The main thing is not to disturb her, and then it will be good."


Expert commentary: “One of the Scorpio's qualities is stubbornness,” continues Mikhail DVORKIN. - This can be viewed as a positive fact, or it can be accepted through the negative, since it is almost unrealistic to come to a compromise in the event of a mutual misunderstanding. So, let's consider the positive side of this quality. Stubbornness in bed with an understanding of the situation, experience and tender feelings for a partner is certainly a very important factor. This means that the man in any case will be satisfied and satisfied. And it cannot be otherwise. Firstly, a Scorpio woman initiates an intimate relationship only if she has an understanding of the situation - she is passionate about her partner, he reciprocates her.A lady born under this zodiac sign does not throw herself into bed without understanding the reaction of her counterpart, and she has very rare or no casual connections. Sex is a serious investment for her, she expects to get a lot of positive emotions from the relationship, so she does not waste time on dubious intimate entertainment.

Secondly, she is always the owner of an intimate experience. In this case, we are often dealing with the intuitive. Unlike other signs of the zodiac, the Scorpio woman has metaphysical knowledge of sex, she a priori understands everything that a man needs. It's hard to say what it really is - genes, intuition, inspiration from the Universe or something else. But the fact remains: even a Scorpio lady who does not have many partners can be confidently considered an experienced lover.

And finally, thirdly: tenderness for a partner. The Scorpio woman psychologically dominates her man almost always, so she is responsible for his feelings and for the result of intimate relationships.

This quality can be bad only if the partner does not tolerate any initiative on the part of the woman. In such alliances, the lady of this sign, if she can decide on some compromise, will not last long.

Persistence in intimate relationships on the part of a woman lies in her desire to bring everything to a victorious end. Thus, making love with a Scorpio lady, a man will always remain satisfied."


Expert commentary: “The Scorpio woman loves to experiment, without this she cannot imagine an intimate relationship,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - But in this matter, she is as loyal to her partner as possible. Firstly, it necessarily gets approval from a man. Without his consent, she will not try any innovation.

Secondly, she is ready to change the script at any time if the partner wants it. She also quite easily abandons the planned somersault if she sees or feels that the man does not like it. Here we will not note either stubbornness or stubbornness. She puts the feelings of a partner at the forefront, and therefore is guided by the situation.

If the partner is the same "lighter" as the Scorpio woman, then the experiments on the part of the lady can go on forever. There are no barriers and boundaries for her in the actions that she decided to implement. However, one cannot fail to draw attention to a very important, in my opinion, point - Scorpio does not go to sexual experiments that risk a person's life and health. All her ideas pursue one goal - to get new sensations. She does not take risks, but thinks everything out carefully. Therefore, both the woman and her partner are safe."


Expert commentary: “A woman of this sign is jealous, especially when a man gives her a reason,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - Everything is clear. Husband cheating or was caught flirting is a serious offense. What to expect from such a person? Repetitions of the situation, of course. After such an offense, Scorpio will closely examine, and sniff the offender, and ask insidious questions. This is a standard situation and there is clarity. Regardless of the sign of the zodiac, most women would do this.

Jealousy for no reason is quite another matter. Unfortunately, Scorpio often sins with this. As we know, a baseless feeling of betrayal occurs only in two cases: when a person suffers from low self-esteem, or when he himself can act in a similar way. For a Scorpio woman, rather the first is characteristic. She always strives to be better, learns from her mistakes, works on herself. But the internal assessment is growing extremely slowly. Self-criticism wins. She always thinks that she can be better, which means that now she is not quite worthy of her man yet. This, in turn, can be noticed by her partner, who will draw his own conclusion.Scorpio is terribly afraid of such a development of events, therefore, in every possible way, he probes the soil, wanting to understand if he has found a new hobby. This, of course, is an ordeal for a man. Many do not stand up and end a relationship with a woman of this sign. And she, in turn, becomes convinced that she was abandoned for the very reason that she was so afraid of.

Gentle compliments addressed to Scorpio can save the day. I advise men to pay more attention to the ladies, courting them and pronouncing praises in their honor."

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