Do Not Be Jealous, Wife: If The Husband Has Cooled In The Bedroom, This Is Not Necessarily Cheating

Do Not Be Jealous, Wife: If The Husband Has Cooled In The Bedroom, This Is Not Necessarily Cheating
Do Not Be Jealous, Wife: If The Husband Has Cooled In The Bedroom, This Is Not Necessarily Cheating

Video: Do Not Be Jealous, Wife: If The Husband Has Cooled In The Bedroom, This Is Not Necessarily Cheating

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Many ladies, noting the cooling on the part of their half, associate this fact with his going to the side. First of all, in their opinion, this is a consequence of the emergence of a new passion. Such assumptions often lead to conflicts, and sometimes provoke serious disagreements that end in parting.

About what reasons, even in the absence of betrayal, can weaken the male libido, says sex therapist Mikhail DVORKIN.

Women who are anxious because of the sudden coolness in intimate relationships say to their companion: "You have not paid attention to me for a week, although we sleep in the same bed", "Before, there was much more sex in our life." And, of course, the first thoughts that come to their minds are the appearance of a mistress or even several ladies, after communicating with whom the man no longer has the strength to please his wife.

“Quite right, often women, without thinking about the consequences, accuse men of mythical betrayal,” says doctor-sex therapist Mikhail DVORKIN. - A showdown begins, quarrels, squabbles, in which relatives and friends are often involved. All this in most cases ends rather sadly. In fact, there are more than enough reasons for a decrease in libido in men, but women for some reason prefer to suspect a partner of cheating.

Incidentally, this is an urgent problem that deserves special analysis. Today we will talk about different reasons for decreased libido, excluding adultery from this list. My advice to suspicious ladies: first check if there are any signs I have listed, and only then start thinking about the homeless woman."


Specialist comment: “Thanks to the famous contemporary writer, we believed that love lives for three years,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - But there is no such research about passion. So how long does this feeling last? What is its "chemistry"? I believe that no one can not only answer this question, but also establish a time frame.

It so happens that passion lives only for a few minutes - exactly as long as young people make love. And it also happens that this feeling does not go away for years, receiving more and more new recharge. How everything will turn out in your family life, no one will say in advance. However, I consider it necessary to warn about the following: everything can get bored, including sex with the same partner. This concept should be considered not in the sense of hatred and irritation, but in terms of getting used to and understanding that this process is always one, and one should not wait for another. One and the same set of poses, a rigidly built plot of sexual relations, the same time for making love, and so on. All this gradually ceases to be attractive. Even if your partner has never stuttered in bed that he does not like something or would like more, you, dear ladies, need to take care that your sex is always varied. These can be interesting scenarios of intimate role-playing games, various devices for getting pleasure, unusual positions, and so on. Use all of these methods together or separately, but always be careful not to scare your partner.

This approach will allow you to keep your man looking forward to a surprise. He will be waiting for general intimate entertainment to see what you came up with this time. Such experiments can be carried out only occasionally, but this itself will help to diversify sex and increase the degree of passion."


Specialist comment: “Despite the fact that medicine is moving forward, and with it more and more new drugs and methods of treatment appear, many diseases are getting younger,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - People began to live longer, but polluted ecology and unhealthy diet make them sick people.

We know in practice that male potency decreases with age. This is a natural process. Many factors "help" to speed it up, such as being overweight, lack of muscle activity, unhealthy food, and so on.

A simple example is your partner loves beer. As we know, this low-alcohol drink contains the female hormones estrogens. Even if there are not so many of them there, this number is definitely higher than the norm required by a man. Estrogens act as antagonists of male testosterone and, of course, affect potency. And if a man likes to drink beer 3-4 times a week? And if he consumes not one bottle, but a half-ruble at a time? And if at the same time he already has a weak libido? What does the lady have in the bottom line? Almost impotent. And who is to blame here? Another woman? Naturally not.

Now think about how much junk food we eat and how difficult it is for our stomach to digest it. Overeating and being overweight is also a serious problem that affects male potency. It is desirable for a man at any age to monitor both weight and diet. If he is not able to do this, then try to help him. And if the reason for the decreased libido is in physical ailment, you will immediately understand it."


Specialist comment: “The psychological state of a man also affects potency,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - If he is always annoyed or upset about something, he will want less intimacy in any form. Moreover, it does not matter at all who exactly will give him psychological inconvenience - colleagues, boss, parents or the woman with whom he lives. The only question is, what is his nervous system and how long he will be able to analyze what is happening.

Consider this example: a man does not develop relationships with colleagues. He comes home, but he cannot forget about what happened during the day. He is looking for a way out of this situation, and at this moment he does not want any female affection. Toward nightfall, he is so exhausted and exhausted that he dreams of only one thing - to get enough sleep. At this moment, he does not think about sex either. According to this scenario, he can live all week. And the woman who is next to him thinks that he has found another one for himself. Agree, this is even somewhat offensive. Try to keep track of what experiences your man has, and do not wag his nerves over the little things. Only then will you get a man full of strength and an active attitude, who will give you sexual pleasure."


Specialist comment: “Female and male physiology are completely different, so they rarely coincide,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - With age, a man wants less sex, and a lady, on the contrary, becomes more sensitive and realizes that she is ready, finally, to seriously take up an intimate life. She often requires affection and other manifestations of love, and he pretends that he does not understand this. It is interesting that even if nothing in the couple's relationship has changed, but the woman simply became more interested in intimate entertainment, it seems to her that he ignores her desires and before they engaged in love much more often. This is the female perception of relationships, and there is nothing you can do about it. By the way, women who drink hormones, for example, in the composition of contraceptives, also begin to experience sexual desire more often than before. And the man has no changes in his life, he just wanted to make love in the usual schedule, and continues. And he is completely incomprehensible to him what is happening, because he loves a woman as much as before, but she is unhappy with this.

The conclusions that ladies can make for themselves are simple: first analyze your suspicions, feelings and behavior, and only then express your complaints to your partner."

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