Secrets Of Happiness In The Bedroom: Is It Possible To Bring Back The Feeling Of Youth? Doctors Say Yes

Secrets Of Happiness In The Bedroom: Is It Possible To Bring Back The Feeling Of Youth? Doctors Say Yes
Secrets Of Happiness In The Bedroom: Is It Possible To Bring Back The Feeling Of Youth? Doctors Say Yes

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The peak of intimate activity in men and women occurs at the age of thirty. Representatives of the stronger sex keep it up to forty, but women, on the contrary, become calmer by this age. It is well known that regular sex plays an important role in maintaining a family, therefore, for representatives of beautiful

sex is very important to preserve not only attractiveness, but also to get real pleasure from lovemaking.

According to experts, more than 70 percent of women over the age of forty feel uncomfortable during sex. The reasons for this are rather physiological, although mental abnormalities may occur against the background of hormonal changes.

“As not only experts know, a woman is a mystery, and her feelings and desires are generally a secret behind seven seals,” says Mikhail DVORKIN, a sex therapist. - Therefore, it is not easy for men to guess at which moments she needs love and tenderness, and at which times she needs hard and merciless sex. Women have another unusual feature - most often, when they feel discomfort during sex, they are well aware that not everything is in order, but decide not to pay attention to it. Internally, they hope that everything will pass by itself, and they wait for it. Ignoring such unpleasant sensations, as a rule, has a bad effect not only on the health of the fair sex, but also leads to discord in family relationships, especially in cases where the period of patience lasts quite a long time. To prevent this from happening, you should not ignore the state of discomfort in bed, but it is better to immediately take a number of necessary measures that will help the young ladies to cope with the difficulties that have arisen."


Specialist comment: “If we are talking about the age after forty years, then the uncomfortable sensations that arise are more likely a norm than a deviation,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - The fact is that with age, the female body loses a large amount of sex hormones, which are called estrogens. This damage leads to serious physiological and some psychosomatic changes. In connection with a violation of the hormonal balance, there is a failure in some functions of the body, which include sexual. This is expressed in the absence of libido and in the gradual drying of the mucous membrane of the internal genital organs, which in the language of doctors is called atrophic vaginitis. It, of course, is expressed in every woman to a different degree, but its consequences are equally unpleasant for everyone.

What does this vaginitis threaten with? Of course, death from this will not happen, but you will be provided with injuries to the mucous membrane. Everyone understands that rubbing against dry skin causes wounds. Due to age-related changes in the acid balance of the mucous membrane, the affected areas can turn into real ulcers, and it will become much more difficult to recover from them. In order not to bring the matter to complications, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the mucous membrane.

Firstly, if you feel discomfort during intercourse, you need to urgently consult a doctor. A specialist examination will help dispel suspicions and identify the cause of the pain. Treat with understanding the recommendations that the doctor will give, they will certainly have to be followed. Secondly, no matter how it seems to you that there is enough natural lubrication, regularly use hypoallergenic lubricants. They improve the sliding process, do not cause allergies and slightly increase libido, that is, with the help of one local remedy, you will solve a lot of issues.Third, try to experiment more - this will give you confidence in intimate relationships and provoke arousal. You should not be ashamed of this, at your age you can try absolutely everything."


Specialist comment: “Of course, making love through“I don’t want”is not worth it,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - This will only strengthen the feeling of disgust and leave a lot of negative impressions that will emerge whenever you touch the topic of sex in one way or another. Meanwhile, sexual intercourse is extremely beneficial for a woman's health, and it does not matter how old she is - 20, 30 or 45. That is why you should not give up intimate relationships, you just need to try to spur imagination and fantasy that can affect your libido.

First of all, of course, these are role-playing games. By the way, I'm sure your partner will like this idea too. Choose a topic that suits your partner's inclinations and interests. You may be able to recall the sexual dreams of youth that never came to fruition. A required attribute is the costume of the selected character. You should be carried away by the game itself, with the help of it you can easily relax. Remember, the more interesting the plot, the longer the emotions will live, which, of course, will have a direct impact on the degree of your arousal.

Further, try to overcome embarrassment and awkwardness in yourself, since it is these two completely unnecessary sensations that often prevent a woman from fully relaxing. Remember, everything is beautiful in love, including your body. And a partner who is burning with desire is unlikely to notice wrinkles, cellulite or other "roughness" of the figure. Therefore, you do not attach much importance to this either. By the way, your psychological state and all the emotions that you experience at the same time are perfectly transmitted to your partner. He may take your insecurity and excessive shyness for unwillingness to make love with him and draw conclusions that you do not feel anything for him. Explaining that this is not so, you are unlikely to succeed, so forget about shyness and enjoy the wonderful moments that a man is ready to give you.

And one more thing: use toys from the sex shop, which are great aphrodisiac. The advice is the same: do not limit yourself and choose what you like, even if this sexual device is much more extravagant than you imagined it in your fantasies. The very sight of it should arouse in you the desire to make love, and if you manage to use the toy for its intended purpose, you can be sure that you will remember this night of love for a long time.

If for some reason you cannot relax, you can drink a glass of red wine, take a bath or listen to pleasant music before sex. Try to use external attributes that are relaxing for you. It is important to create the right mood that will help you get the peak of your pleasure."

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