Take The Fortress On The First Attack: How To Ensure A Romantic Night

Take The Fortress On The First Attack: How To Ensure A Romantic Night
Take The Fortress On The First Attack: How To Ensure A Romantic Night

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Any man dreams on the first date to conquer the heart of a girl, forcing her to fall in love with himself. Even more fortunate will be the romantic night that follows this meeting. Such a development of events is quite possible if the man does not commit a few mistakes, which are most often made by young people.

Psychologists say that in men in a state of excitement, the brain is partially turned off, which is why they commit various rash actions that shock the girls and force them not only to run away from the first date, but also to completely refuse further meetings. Moreover, it does not matter at all how old a man is - 25 or 65. He can be equally naive in those moments when there is a charming person in front of him, to whom he is not indifferent.

“Sometimes men behave like children,” says Mikhail DVORKIN, a sex therapist. - They want to do what is best, but they do not succeed. Having interested a girl with an imposing appearance, when they meet, they allow themselves some inaccuracies that frighten the fair sex."

Mistake 1: you do not know where to go together, so without a shadow of a doubt you invite the girl to visit you - to drink coffee.

Commentary of the expert: “It is quite a common mistake of men who believe that their plan is not obvious to women,” says Mikhail DVORKIN. - It seems to the gentlemen that their invitation is innocent, and in the end everything can really turn out so that they just drink coffee and disperse.

Such a sudden pressure, as they say, "from the doorway to bed," greatly scares women, forcing them to come up with another meeting place on the go and go where they can talk a little and then quickly leave. As a rule, after such meetings, new dates are no longer expected.

What can you advise in such cases? Firstly, do not rush things, because it is much more interesting to light a girl and make her want to spend the night with you herself, and not drag her to her, hiding behind the desire to drink coffee. Be natural. A pleasant impression will form on its own if you show your positive masculine qualities on the first date."

Mistake 2: You don't know what to talk about, so you admire the merits of your new friend. Continuing the conversation, you have a question for her: "So attractive - and why is she still alone?"

Expert commentary: “For a girl, such a formulation of the question is hardly acceptable. By and large, no one would like such impudence, - says Mikhail DVORKIN. - If you have thought about it, then it is better not to say the phrase out loud, because it is very likely to turn your first date into the last, deciding that you came into her life only to correct this misunderstanding. Unfortunately, all the compliments that were said before this phrase will be forgotten very quickly. And if you also allowed yourself some free gestures towards the girl, for example, hugged her, then the above dictum will acquire a different meaning: you express your intention to brighten up her leisure time as if out of pity. It is a pity that a man, as a rule, does not think about the fact that he is not particularly in demand and is also lonely, for this reason he ended up on a date.

If you like her, you simply have to pay her a lot of compliments, but otherwise do not cross the line. Keep in mind that she could have been lonely since last night.Or maybe she is still tormented by the question - who to choose? Of course, with your inappropriate joke about her loneliness, you will help the fair sex to decide, and, most likely, not in your favor. Always remember that you would answer such a remark and after that you would still have a desire to continue communication."

Mistake 3: you show with all your appearance that you do not care how the meeting ends. You are a macho, so if she doesn't stay with you, she will automatically lose.

Specialist comment: “Such behavior from the outside looks, of course, defiant. And if you come across a discerning girl, she will notice it and react very quickly, - says Mikhail DVORKIN. - The reaction will usually be negative. Let me explain why. It is very unpleasant when you are ignored, showing with all their appearance that interest in your person is minimal. If we look at this using the example of working relationships, then we will immediately see the subordination, that is, we will understand who is the boss and who is the subordinate. On the first date, we see two people who met of their own free will, because they don't owe each other anything. However, if a man looks disinterested and demonstrates this to his companion, she is likely to be offended and want to leave.

Why do men like to show indifference on the first date? Because they are afraid to look interested. The first date, your nerves are at the limit, you are slightly shaking and throws it into the heat, then into the cold. If she notices this, then you will certainly be written into the cohort of lovers with all the ensuing circumstances. How to hide interest? Of course, pretending to be indifferent. We absentmindedly listen to her questions, answer after a short pause, look around, ask our questions, and without waiting for an answer, we continue to ask something. Usually, this behavior can be safely called indifferent.

Often, representatives of the stronger sex like to aggravate the situation with a mass of questions with a sexual connotation. It seems to them that such a moment characterizes them as tireless lovers who have extensive experience in intimate relationships. Some go further and move from words to deeds: they hug, stroke and even try to kiss, regardless of their location. In the context of feigned indifference, girls understand this literally - he just wants sex and nothing else, because his reaction to an ordinary conversation is minimal, but in conversations related to intimacy, he shows interest. Do you think the girl will come to the next date with such a gentleman? My answer is no". No matter how hard you try, she will not agree to continue acquaintance in the cozy atmosphere of a friendly apartment.

Remember that a woman likes to be listened to and paid attention to. Therefore, on dates, never pretend to be indifferent, this will only offend your chosen one and make her draw disappointing conclusions.

Mistake 4: Due to the lack of common topics of conversation, you decided to think about your ex. You want to talk about the mistakes she made, and thus instruct the new one.

Specialist comment: “In order not to get into this unpleasant situation, first ask yourself a question, would you like to listen to a lecture about her ex-boyfriend,” warns Mikhail DVORKIN. - If there is no desire, then do not start ranting yourself. Such a conversation will disgust your companion, especially if you touch on the bed topic, talking about what she did wrong and what was happening at that moment in your imagination. Golden rule: never tell the current one about your ex. Be sure to follow it if you don't want every first date to turn into your last."

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