Where In Russia There Are More Women Than Men

Where In Russia There Are More Women Than Men
Where In Russia There Are More Women Than Men

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The imbalance of the population towards women in Russia was outlined at the end of the 19th century, before the revolutionary events: the 1897 census showed that in the empire there were on average 98.9 men for every 100 women. If we count within the modern borders of the Russian Federation, it turns out that then only 67,473,000 people lived in Russia. The terrible XX century skated through the male population of our country: first the Civil War, then the Great Patriotic War, unsuccessful economic reforms, drunken stagnation, the collapse of the USSR, unemployment and low-quality alcohol have done their bad job, and now there are few places in Russia where you can find more men than women.


However, there are still such places, although most of them can only be reached by plane.

You need to look for a bride in the center of Russia

In total, according to the results of the latest population census, 143,436,145 people live in Russia, of which 76,979,071 women and 66,457,074 men, that is, there are 10,521,997 fewer representatives of the stronger sex in the country.

The center of Russia does not shine with indicators in this respect: in the Central Federal District, out of 38,427,539 population, only 17,547,582 are men, and according to statistics, there are 1,187 women for 1,000 men.

In the North-Western District, there are 1180 women per 1000 men, in total 6,455,310 men and 7,519,156 women live here.

The situation is not much better in the Volga Federal District - here, 1,174 women are adjacent to every thousand men. In the Urals, this figure is 1,153, in the Southern Federal District - 1,155.

Big cities do not improve the situation at all: 6,198,879 women and 5,304,622 men live in Moscow, that is, for every thousand men, there are 1,169 women. In St. Petersburg there are even fewer men, and the figure is 1,229 women per 1,000 men. The population of the city is 4 879 566 people, and only 44.9% are men.

It would seem that the situation can be improved by the North Caucasian Federal District, where the situation with the birth rate is better, but even here we have 1,115 women per thousand men; in total, four and a half million men and five million women live here.

In the Siberian Federal District, the situation is no better - for every thousand local men, there are 1,151 women; in total 19,256,426 people live here, of which only 46.5% are men.

The Far East is moving towards a different trend: on average, there are 1,083 women for every 1,000 men, while in rural areas the situation is even better: there are only 996 women for every 1,000 men.

But this is the average for the federal districts, in fact, the picture is motley, but in general it is obvious that there are more men on the territory of Russia where there are more severe living conditions.

The groom must be sought in the North

There are significantly more men than women in rural settlements of the Murmansk region, moreover, there is really a shortage of women here: there are only 855 women per thousand men. 970 women per 1000 men in villages and camps of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Arkhangelsk Oblast); in rural areas of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, the ratio of women to men is 948, which means that 51.3% of the Okrug's population are men.

The population of settlements and villages of the Yamalo-Nenets Okrug is 50.4% men - 40,237 people live here, and this is 613 people more than women. However, it is pointless to look for a surplus of men among the local urban population - for every 1,000 men in Salekhard there are 1,023 women. Outside the city, the preponderance of the number of men can be explained simply: oil is mined in Yamal, and the majority of men are oil workers or have related specialties that are in demand in the industry.

There are not enough women in the Far East

On the territory of Russia, in search of men, one should pay attention to the countryside of the Far-Eastern District: for example, in villages and hamlets on the Kamchatka Peninsula, there are fewer women than men (there are only 974 women per 1,000 men); in the Primorsky Territory, the ratio is as follows: there are 991 women per 1000 men.

The same picture is in the villages of the Khabarovsk Territory (there are 955 women per 1000 men), and in the remote villages of the Magadan Region there are simply not enough women (there are only 866 women per 1000 representatives of the stronger sex).

On Sakhalin, the male population of the island is only 50.1%, in the Jewish Autonomy - 50.8%; and in Chukotka, the male population is 50.1% or 25,208 people. Moreover, in this region of Russia there are more men even in cities - there are only 996 women per 1000 men of the urban population, and in remote villages and camps of Chukotka, there are 980 women per 1000 men.

Countries are "female" and "male"

Modern researchers believe that such a bias is caused primarily by a woman's longer life expectancy, as well as other social reasons - the fact that men are more inclined to take risks, more often choose professions associated with difficult conditions, do not pay much attention to their health and are more likely to suffer to drinking and drug use.

Russia is not the only country where there are fewer men than women, for example, in the United States, on average, there are only 98 men per 100 women.

A different situation has developed in India and China - here, due to the murder of girls in infancy and abortions, there are slightly more men: for every 100 women in these countries there are 107 men.

Qatar and the United Arab Emirates can be considered the real "male" countries, where men from all over the Middle East come to work. There are 265 men for every 100 women in Qatar, and 274 in the UAE.

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