What Phrases Tell You That They Don't Like You

What Phrases Tell You That They Don't Like You
What Phrases Tell You That They Don't Like You

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Love is not an easy phenomenon, sometimes it can be confused with strong friendships, sometimes with addiction and unhealthy attachments. Each person has their own understanding of love and how it should manifest itself. Perhaps this is the point - people just find a partner who shares their view of both life and love.


But from the point of view of psychology, not all manifestations of seemingly love speak about it. In some phrases of a partner, complexes, veiled manipulation and another meaning may be hidden, quite far from this bright feeling.

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“From love to hate, as you know, there is one step. What can you not say in a state of anger at a loved one. But even behind the words "I hate you!" often there can be just resentment and helplessness from the situation, rather than a real feeling of dislike and hatred. “The best defense is attack” - it is this psychological mechanism that turns on in the moment of rage and anger,”says psychoanalyst Lyudmila Altyeva in an interview with“Word and Deed”.

Sometimes words are really just words spoken in the heat of the moment and have no power. But there are phrases that seem to cross this line and personify, in fact, completely different feelings than it seems at first glance.

Manipulation and domination phrases

"Did someone ask your opinion?"

"Just try to do it your own way?"

Humiliation phrases

"You are an empty place"

"You are nobody without me"

Guilt-inducing phrases

"What will you do without me?"

"Look at you" I will have many like you"

All these phrases express disrespect for another and disregard for his personal boundaries,”the specialist shared her opinion.

Speech is a cast of the human psyche, which means that the words chosen to express thoughts and feelings are not accidental, they carry a certain meaning. And the message, which is sometimes not realized by the speaker himself, can be read between the lines, if you know what exactly to pay attention to. Even some well-known romantic phrases can hide a completely different meaning, psychologist Anastasia Zharikova noted in an interview with "Word and Deed". As an example, she cites statements in the style: “Nobody will love you like me!”, “Only you make me happy / oh!”.

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“In the first case, it’s not so much about the expression of feelings and affection, but about the devaluation of the object of love, namely“nobody needs you except me”or the grandiose idea of ​​myself“only I can love so much, no one else is given it”. The second option speaks more about a dependent relationship, where the partner believes that happiness is something that can only be obtained from a lover and has no other forms. If the thought arises that a person does not suit you, but because of such phrases you feel guilty, you should think about whether you are being manipulated to satisfy your own needs,”the specialist concluded.

Sometimes it is very difficult to understand whether you are loved, and whether you yourself, how to express your feelings in the most correct way, and what not to do. We can only say unambiguously that it is best to just be yourself, not hide your identity from your partner and not try to be someone else. And the most important thing is to be honest with yourself.

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