Scenes From Married Life: About Happiness, About Betrayal, About Love

Scenes From Married Life: About Happiness, About Betrayal, About Love
Scenes From Married Life: About Happiness, About Betrayal, About Love

Video: Scenes From Married Life: About Happiness, About Betrayal, About Love

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On the main stage of the Moscow Art Theater named after M. Gorky, the premiere of "Scenes from Married Life" by Andrei Konchalovsky took place. The director adapted Bergman's script to the Russian reality of the early 90s of the last century, and, using the example of his wife and husband, showed how stupid, senseless and chaotic we lived. Andrei Sergeevich categorically refuses to answer the question: "Why does the action take place in the late 80s - early 90s, and not at another time?"


“The history of the relationship between a man and a woman is eternal, and could have happened at any time,” the director commented after the intermission of the general rehearsal of the play.

The heroes of Yulia Vysotskaya and Alexandra Domogarova, Marina and Ivan, are from the USSR. Domogarov's hero recalls that his wife at one time was a Komsomol member, an activist, of course, an athlete and a beauty. This is how she remained after perestroika and after her painful divorce from Ivan - a maximalist, idealist, retaining her inner beauty and attractive appearance. But Ivan, even having changed the "Zhigulenok" for "Mercedes", as he was a "weather vane" that turns in all directions depending on the direction of the wind, still remained. And, as a result, he easily betrays, changes, abandons, and also complains, blaming others for everything.

Andrei Sergeevich in this production is ruthless to the image of the Russian husband. In the production, Ivan is inhuman towards his wife: he forces Marina to have an abortion, declares that he loves another woman, brutally kicks her, and after a while he marries the second woman, Violetta, and returns to his first wife as a gentle lover.

The heroine of Yulia Vysotskaya is not satisfied with a purely mercantile approach to life. She understands that her happiness does not depend on money. She was a happy young girl when she fell in love with her future husband, when they kissed on the street, and they did not have anything of their property. And with each new purchase, part of their love went away. Then feelings miraculously resurrected when they learned many other loved ones, many betrayals, and came to the conclusion that all the best they had in their youth.

The play "Scenes of Married Life" ends with a slow dance by Marina and Ivan to the hit "Lilac Mist".

It should be noted the excellent acting work of Yulia Vysotskaya and Alexander Domogarov. Julia managed to create the image of her contemporary - the best Russian woman in the world, who was not lucky to meet a real man in her life, who was humiliated, abandoned, forgotten. Alexander Domogarov was able to create an image of his contemporary, which does not evoke warm feelings. It's hard to love this, and if it worked out, then I wouldn't want to go back for any treasures of the world.

And I feel sorry for women. The heroine of Yulia Vysotskaya says "poor Violetta" about her second unloved wife, Ivan. She is sure that she had a fabulous happiness - to be loved. Or maybe the truth is happiness?

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