Non-intimate Factors That Interfere With Sex Life

Non-intimate Factors That Interfere With Sex Life
Non-intimate Factors That Interfere With Sex Life

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As a rule, many tend to blame sexuality-related phenomena for problems in intimate life, but this is not always the problem. The ubiquitous things that rarely fall into the number of "suspects" can also "repel" desire.

Rejection of one's own appearance

Very often it is difficult for a woman to accept herself, moreover, this does not always have a real relation to her appearance or weight. Complexes are born from problems at the mental level, when a person is sure that he looks unattractive, denying his real advantages. Because of this, the girl cannot open up and completely present herself to her partner. In such cases, experts recommend consulting a psychologist.


Modern society spends a lot of time at a laptop or smartphone, "freezing" in one position, which often leads to the appearance of a stoop. There is little benefit to intimate life from this, because it becomes more difficult for a person to take any postures, except for missionary, since pain reduces the level of arousal.

Energetic gym activities

After too intense classes in the gym, you may simply not have enough energy for something other than. In between classes, the body must have time to recover completely. In addition, grueling training often entails not only a decline in intimate terms, but also bad mood, poor sleep and decreased immunity.

Bad relationships outside of bed

If in a permanent relationship the partners have disagreements in everyday matters, this certainly affects their sexual life. Latent irritation and dislike reduce desire, especially if each other does not feel enthusiasm, attraction, and also obvious mutual return.

Endocrine Disorders

The organs of the endocrine system are known to produce hormones that affect metabolism, reproductive and sexual functions, as well as some other important processes. For example, if a girl has polycystic ovary disease, then you should not be surprised at the lowered sex drive. It is best to pass the necessary tests if you suspect a malfunction of the endocrine system.

Fatigue and stress

A survey conducted by experts with the participation of about 400 girls showed that about 60% of women attribute the lack of desire to indulge in passion precisely on fatigue and regular stress. In addition, lack of sleep also negatively affects libido, since with each additional hour in bed there is a guaranteed increase in desire.

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