Russian Cadet Repented For Having Sex At A Party

Russian Cadet Repented For Having Sex At A Party
Russian Cadet Repented For Having Sex At A Party

Video: Russian Cadet Repented For Having Sex At A Party

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MINSK, 24 Oct - Sputnik. A cadet of the Nizhny Novgorod Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs apologized for having sex with his girlfriend right on the dance floor of the local Milo club, but he was already expelled from the academy, the Russia 24 TV channel reported.


The Russian segment of the Internet is vigorously discussing a video that has appeared the other day: right on the dance floor of the local Milo club, a couple is having sex. Immediately after the scandal, the young man deleted his page from social networks, on which a video recording was posted, his dance and sex partner was not so scrupulous. It was from her accounts that the Russian media borrowed both the video and the girl's comment about the situation that had arisen.

Russian journalists ask themselves a question: is the incident a drunken trick of a couple or the result of another sex training?

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Remorse of the participants

As the "heroine" of the video herself, a student of the pedagogical university, said, there was no rape in the club. "It happened on the initiative of both, I think. I was too drunk, I drank a lot, and that's why it happened," she said on the air in Periscope and added that she is not going to go to the Milo club anymore.

So far, no measures have been taken for violating the norms of morality towards the girl, but at the university she may be reprimanded.

The second participant in the situation, despite his apology, was expelled from the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He did not give any public statements about this story.

Will there be responsibility?

According to Russian law, punishment for sex in a public place is possible only as for petty hooliganism, but if someone from the incident witnesses reports this to the police. So far, no one has contacted the law enforcement officers.

Whether the authors of the video will be held responsible for posting it on social networks is not yet known. The video has already been removed from most social networks. There are no complaints about the distribution of this video as pornography, also in law enforcement agencies.

Thus, both "heroes" are disciplined: the young man is an exception, the girl is threatened in social networks against her. However, she has already managed to become an Internet star: many compare the student with Diana Shurygina, and in a few days while the scandal lasts, 14 thousand people have subscribed to her Instagram page.

It would be stricter in Belarus

Belarusian legislation reacts more severely to such incidents: both to the very fact of public coitus and to the public placement of such a video.

For example, a few months ago, the whole of Belarus was discussing a photo that appeared on the Internet in which two young people were enjoying each other right in the courtyard of one of the Minsk microdistricts - Sukharevo. Law enforcers warned the media about responsibility for distributing the picture, and the guy and the girl later received a year of suspended imprisonment for hooliganism.

At the end of 2016, a resident of Grodno received a two-year deferral and a fine of 690 rubles for one erotic photo on a social network - this was also considered by the court to be the spread of pornography.

Social network users are already joking: a couple from Nizhny Novgorod were lucky that they had public sex outside of Belarus.

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