7 Celebrity Couples Who Are Not Happy Together

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7 Celebrity Couples Who Are Not Happy Together
7 Celebrity Couples Who Are Not Happy Together

Video: 7 Celebrity Couples Who Are Not Happy Together

Video: 7 Celebrity Couples Who Are Not Happy Together
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Time shows that sometimes parting can be for the better, and life after the end of the novel is very happy. And, moreover, for both partners.


Today's birthday girl Scarlett Johansson (the actress turns 33 on November 22) has a story about the same: romance, separation, wedding, divorce, childbirth, wedding and another divorce.

If you suddenly wanted to feel sorry for her (not only her) and say: “Why are you so unlucky?”, We advise you to carefully read our article. It is about uncomplicated love, which in the end no one regretted.

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds

s Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds seemed perfect from day one. The actors met in 2007 and announced their engagement a few months later. According to Scarlett Johansson, the offer from Ryan was not a surprise, she was waiting for him and knew that she would answer yes. On September 28, 2008, the actors secretly got married in one of the mountain resort towns of their native Vancouver (Canada). Only close relatives and friends were invited to the holiday. It seemed that such a relationship can only be envied - a calm family life, protected from strangers, love and mutual understanding. But

We loved each other and sincerely believed that we would live together all our lives. What could be more beautiful? But in the process, it turned out that everything is much more complicated. We did not spend much time together - this is very bad!

- told Scarlett Johansson to the magazine "7 Days".

After 2 years, the lovers broke up. The reason for this was Reynolds' jealous attitude towards his wife's partners on the set and a busy work schedule. Here is how the actor himself commented on the situation in an interview with 7 Days magazine:

Divorce is the most unpleasant thing in existence. I am very sorry that these two years of family life were left overboard due to work. But at the end of this path, optimism must come.

Both actors had a hard time breaking up, but the consequences were really optimistic.

Ryan Reynolds quickly found his "safe haven" - in the same 2010 he began an affair with actress Blake Lively. Their marriage turned out to be truly happy. The actors admit that they are united by love, friendship and a sense of humor. And, of course, two beautiful daughters - 2-year-old James and one-year-old Ines, while Scarlett Johansson tried to build her feminine happiness with French journalist Romain Doriac (they got married in October 2014). Their marriage did not last long, but in this union the actress found the most precious thing - her beloved daughter Rose Dorothy, who turned three in September 2017. Now Scarlett is open to love again and does not regret anything. Well, everyone has their own path, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

Friends star Jennifer Aniston and popular Hollywood actor Brad Pitt did not meet on the red carpet or on the set, as one might think. They were brought together by their own agents, sent on a blind date in 1998. Feelings flashed instantly

Contrary to the usual desire of celebrity couples to hide their relationship, these lovers were not afraid of anyone or anything: they openly went on dates, did not deny their engagement, and all Hollywood was invited to a grand wedding in 2000. The head-spinning romance seemed endless, and at first the lovers were really happy … Then something happened that put a fat cross on their marriage.

the actress herself said in an interview with 7 Days magazine:

Much about our divorce with Pitt has been exaggerated and inflated to unrealistic proportions. In the end, we managed to part in a friendly way, without scandals and any disgusting scenes that often accompany divorce.

Particularly popular in the press was the version about Brad Pitt's betrayal with his partner on the set, the beautiful Angelina Jolie.

The Brangelina couple really developed, and in 11 years they acquired wonderful children - adopted Maddox (16 years old), Pax (13 years old) and Zakhara (12 years old), and then blood Shiloh (11 years old) and twins Vivienne and Knox (9 years old).

But, unfortunately, in 2016, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie broke up.

As for Jennifer Aniston, she was going through a difficult divorce from Pitt. However, now she does not regret anything - since 2015, she has been happily married to a handsome man, the “ideal man” Justin Theroux.

He is a real defender, as they say, a strong shoulder. Besides, Justin is just a good kind person with a great sense of humor, Rumor has it that divorced Brad Pitt is looking for support from his ex-wife, but Aniston is not ready to make contact. Karma? Unlikely. Maybe just fate?

Irina Shayk and Cristiano Ronaldo

This couple spent 5 years together, which, you see, is impressive for a relationship between a supermodel and a famous football player. Their work brought them together - in 2010, Cristiano and Irina participated in the filming for the Armani brand.

The athlete did not manage to achieve the location of the Russian beauty immediately - for several months he unsuccessfully courted Irina. But soon love still took over.

How did you conquer? First of all, I had to run after her! She didn't immediately believe that I was a good guy and worthy of her attention, After a year of relationship, Ronaldo proposed to his beloved, and a grand wedding was scheduled for 2012 - immediately after the end of the World Cup. However, the marriage did not take place either in 2012 or in 2013.

Irina adopted her son Ronaldo from a surrogate mother - Cristiano Jr. (now the boy is 7 years old), was restrained and tried to protect the relationship from annoying journalists. The famous football player, on the contrary, willingly shared joint photos with Irina on social networks. In addition, the media more than once accused the handsome athlete of treason, which he publicly denied. Anyway, in January 2015, the couple officially announced their separation. The initiator of the breakup was Irina, for whom it became difficult to be in a relationship with Ronaldo.

said in an interview with the Spanish magazine Hola!:

I thought that I had already found my ideal man, but it turned out not to be so. I think any woman will be unpleasant when the wrong person is next to her. So, it was unpleasant for me.

Today Irina Shayk is happy with the famous Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper. On March 21, 2017, an addition took place in their family - Irina gave birth to her beloved man's daughter Leia de Sien.

Amorous Cristiano did not grieve for long after breaking up with a supermodel. He was seen in the company of many girls, but this did not prevent the athlete from becoming a father twice more - in June 2017, twins Eva and Matthew were born from a surrogate mother, and on November 12, Cristiano announced the birth of his daughter Alana Martina from his current girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. Well, let us wish her patience with the handsome Cristiano and his (or rather, already, probably, her) four children!

Andrey Chadov and Svetlana Svetikova

The story of Svetlana Svetikova and Andrei Chadov's acquaintance is full of surprises - initially Sveta was friends with both brothers Andrei and Alexei Chadov. Such a "triangle" gave rise to many speculations, because of which Svetikova was forced to stop any communication with them.

For a year, a chance meeting with Andrei Chadov put everything in its place - the singer realized that she could not live without him.

I had some kind of addiction to him. Without Andrey, I could not breathe. I told Andrey about my feelings right away. And after a month or two, also out of an excess of feelings, she blurted out: "Let's get married!" Andrey replied: "Come on,"

- Svetikova admitted in an interview with the magazine "7 Days".

The wedding, however, never happened.

this, the relationship of the star couple lasted 5 years, during which they turned from ideal to scandalous household.

Andrei loves to get hurt, he complicates everything. His mood is a constant swing: euphoria, then depression. Unfortunately, I didn't immediately realize that reflective, narcissistic artists are a difficult story.

- says Svetlana.

The parting was difficult for both, but Svetlana and Andrei understood that there was no other way out.

After breaking up with Chadov, Svetlana regained peace of mind. And soon she met her current beloved man, figure skater Alexei Polishchuk.

For the first time, a calm and normal man appeared next to me. In general, he supports me in everything, wants me to self-actualize, is not jealous of my work. He lets me live and breathe. Loves me for who I am

- shared the singer in the same interview.

The couple is raising a 4-year-old son Milan, and on September 24, 2017, Svetlana Svetikova and Alexei Polishchuk had a second son, Christian.

Andrey Chadov was able to devote himself entirely to his career and filming. And only this year, the actor admitted in an interview that he was finally ready to settle down.

It remains to wish him happiness, because Svetlana has already found her happiness.

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz is known for numerous romances with famous men (we're talking about Jared Leto, yes), but she experienced the most touching and romantic period with Justin Timberlake.

Cameron and Justin met in 2003 at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards, where they left together. The lovers were not embarrassed by anything: neither a quick acquaintance, nor an 8-year age difference (Justin was only 22 years old, and Cameron was 30 years old. - Ed.).

For 3.5 years of relationship Justin got a role in the action movie "Edison", recorded his second successful album. Cameron followed her lover and supported him everywhere. It seemed to be a wedding! But the miracle never happened …

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake announced their breakup. As the former lovers assure, there is only one feeling left between them - a strong friendship.

We had a long road together, we know a lot about each other. I love this man and I loved him before. We felt good together

spoke warmly about her ex-boyfriend Cameron Diaz in an interview with Sobesednik. Ru.

In 2015, the “eternal bride” Cameron Diaz finally changed her social status to “married”. The actress was chosen by the musician of the rock band Good Charlotte Benji Madden.

In an interview with 7 Days magazine, the actress jokingly stated that she was not embarrassed by her husband's financial situation or his small stature. In reality, Cameron loves her Benny (so affectionately she calls her husband. - Ed.), Is happily married and hopes to soon become a mother.

Justin Timberlake keeps up with his ex-girlfriend. Since 2012, the singer has been married to actress Jessica Biel, the star couple are raising their 2-year-old son Silas Randall.

How good it is when everything is good!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

The love between two Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck broke out on the set of Gigli in 2002 and was regarded by the public as another affair.

the lovers did not agree with this. In an interview with the site spletnik.ru Jennifer spoke unequivocally about her feelings for Ben Affleck:

I don't know what would have happened if everything had turned out differently, but I know it was true love.

Apparently, Ben felt the same way, because by the end of 2002, the cherished wedding ring appeared on the finger of his beloved.

Affleck was the most talked about in Hollywood. Actors everywhere appeared together, did not hide their feelings and even started acting together. Such openness ruined everything

We didn't try to make our relationship public. We were just together, and at some point we realized that we were experiencing too much pressure from the tabloids,

- said Jennifer in the same interview.

Meanwhile, the wedding day was approaching, which, alas, did not take place - in 2004, 4 days before the official ceremony, the couple broke off the engagement, citing the reason for "excessive press attention".

Shortly after breaking up, Jennifer and Ben found their soul mate.

The actress married a longtime friend, American singer Mark Anthony, with whom she was able to fulfill her cherished dream - to become a mother. The couple is growing up 9-year-old twins Maximillian David and Emma Maribel.

However, after 10 years of family life, in 2014, Jennifer and Mark's marriage was dissolved.

Spouses Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner suffered the same fate. An amazing coincidence, but after the same 10 years of marriage, they officially announced the divorce!

Now Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are on a warm and friendly relationship. This is not surprising, because the couple are raising three common children - 11-year-old Violet Ann, 8-year-old Seraphina Rose Elizabeth and 5-year-old Samuel.

They say Ben is serious about his new girlfriend Lincy Shukas, and Lopez is head over heels in love with American baseball player Alex Rodriguez. And another Jennifer - Garner - plans to return to the world of cinema with triumph!

Tatiana Gevorkyan and Ivan Urgant

Although this couple developed in the MTV office, their relationship cannot be called an office romance.

As Tatyana Gevorkyan said in an interview with 7 Days magazine, at first they were connected only by friendship.

She felt the feelings of a young man and was surrounded by fans. But Ivan Urgant showed persistence in courtship, and after only 2 months after they met, they began to live together. Their personal life was just as intense.

Vanya used to be able to easily do without long trips. But my passion for travel very quickly passed on to him. We went abroad at every opportunity. On these trips, I always incited Vanya to hooligan antics,

- said the celebrity in an interview with the magazine "7 Days".

But life cannot be like fireworks all the time. At some point, soft and romantic by nature, Ivan wanted a family, but Tatiana was not ready.

wow, the presenters lasted for 3 years, during which Urgant made a marriage proposal to his beloved several times, but the girl remained adamant - the "stamp in the passport" frightened her. In the same interview, Tatiana Gevorkyan shares:

Oddly enough, but in our relationship I took a masculine position: he really wanted a family, children, and I was afraid of the "stamp in my passport." It seemed to me then that marriage would kill romance, turn everything into prose. I was afraid to change anything …

Unfortunately, the stars were never able to come to a compromise. However, despite the fact that the beautiful love story did not end with the wedding, everyone was happy.

Today Ivan Urgant, according to Tatyana Gevorkyan, is "a stranger's husband and an exemplary family man." The showman found a real family hearth with his school love Natalya Kiknadze. The couple lives in harmony and mutual understanding and brings up two common daughters - 9-year-old Nina and 2-year-old Valeria, as well as Natalia's daughter from her first marriage - Erica.

Tatyana decided to settle down and at the age of 39 (in 2013) she got married.

Well, everything has its time!