Ovechkina (Shubskaya) Anastasia Kirillovna

Ovechkina (Shubskaya) Anastasia Kirillovna
Ovechkina (Shubskaya) Anastasia Kirillovna

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Date of birth: November 16, 1993


Place of birth: Switzerland

Astrological sign: Scorpio

Anastasia Shubskaya was born in the family of the famous actress Vera Glagoleva and millionaire shipowner Kirill Shubsky, for whom Glagoleva left Moscow, stopped her career and, taking her daughters from her first marriage, Anna and Maria, left for Switzerland for some time. Shubsky surrounded all three with love and care. Little Nastya was born into a loving family, where all attention was directed to her, but she did not become a spoiled child, on the contrary, she always strived for independence. Anastasia's hobbies included various sports such as tennis and gymnastics, as well as, with the suggestion of Anya's older sister, ballet. As a teenager, Anastasia starred in the unfinished film "Ka-De-Bo" and in her mother's film "Ferris Wheel", where she played the daughter of the main characters.

Anastasia always studied well and this allowed her to graduate from school as an external student. Having received a certificate of maturity, the girl preferred the profession of a producer. She entered the faculty of this orientation and entered VGIK and successfully graduated from it. In 2009, Anastasia again got a role in her mother's film "A woman wants to know …", and two years later she became a debutante at the ball of the Chanel model house. Since then, Shubskaya has been professionally pursuing a career as a model, which has already borne fruit: she has repeatedly become the queen of fashion shows in Russia and abroad. At the moment, Anastasia lives with her husband in the United States and attends acting classes in Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actress.

Personal life of Anastasia Shubskaya

Being not just the daughter of a millionaire and a beauty, but also a very interesting conversationalist, Anastasia Shubskaya has always been in the spotlight. The first novel about which the press is known happened to a girl at the age of 19. The object of passion was the famous financier Artem Bolshakov. It was going to the wedding, but the businessman moved to the United States and the relationship could not stand the test of distance. Soon after that, the media began to be full of rumors about the young model's new romance with the famous hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. The meeting of young people took place at the Beijing Olympics, where Shubskaya was with her dad. As Ovechkin himself later said, their relationship began with a post on Instagram. Anastasia described an incident that almost became fatal for her, and Alexander, worried about her, began to write to her. In August 2017, the couple magnificently celebrated their wedding in Moscow. Even before the celebration, the happy girl gave an interview to the wedding magazine Wedding, in which she admitted that she and the groom are already planning children. The joy of creating a new family, unfortunately, was overshadowed by the sudden departure of Vera Glagoleva.


2005 - Ca-de-bou

2006 - Ferris wheel

2009 - A woman wants to know …

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