Seduction Secrets From Dita Von Teese

Seduction Secrets From Dita Von Teese
Seduction Secrets From Dita Von Teese

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Today the burlesque queen is celebrating her birthday.


1. “Highlight the part of your body that you think is most attractive. And even better - decorate it, for example, put on a massive pendant, if you have high breasts, accentuate a long neck with a string of pearls."

2. “I spend 40 minutes on makeup. The most important thing here is lipstick. It's even better if she leaves a red mark on the glass - it's very sexy. I willingly leave a lip print on the glass or on the edge of the white cup - it adds zest."

3. “I have a number where I am almost naked, riding a merry-go-round horse. It's very funny and innocent. But it didn’t work. Sexuality is either a natural talent, or years of long training and work on yourself, like Marilyn Monroe. I also had to learn everything from scratch."

4. “I have never been in the sun. The sun and tanning beds are the worst enemies of the skin and provocateurs of early aging. Besides, in my opinion, tanned skin looks … cheap, but snow-white skin is a lifestyle, trend, aristocracy."

5. "Almost every day I swim in my own pool for an hour and do not eat high-calorie foods."

6. “Every morning I start with a bubble bath - I like to soak up the music with a glass of champagne. This has nothing to do with fuss. This is a wonderful rest and body care plus a great mood for the whole day."

8. “You don't have to be beautiful to seduce a man. Seduction is primarily a game."

9. "If there is an opportunity to go home and go to bed, I will use it."

10. “Today, every famous person has a stylist who selects clothes for them. I admire Daphne Guinness or Isabella Blow - women who took risks, created their own style and did not pay anyone for it."

11. "Powder, lipstick and sunglasses are all it takes to be chic at the airport."

12. "Instead of changing every second, find yourself and your own unique style."

14. “I'm not afraid to appear without makeup. At the same time, I do not lose confidence in myself, I do not hide anything. People who see me for the first time without makeup are simply shocked: "You look like a 16-year-old teenager!" I love being a little girl, but this look is only for my family, my friends and my loved one."

15. “Every woman needs at least a little bit of beauty just for herself. Imagine, you are going about your usual business, work in the office or at home, and at the same time you know that you have a little secret. This secret is adorable underwear. Pretty lingerie is not something you should wear for your lover. You have to carry it for yourself."

16. “Many people say that being a stripper is bad. May be. But, believe me, getting twenty thousand dollars for a ten-minute performance is very good."

18. "You may be the juiciest peach, but there are still people who don't like peaches."

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