Where Are You Climbing!: Muscovites Opened A Repair Shop For Women

Where Are You Climbing!: Muscovites Opened A Repair Shop For Women
Where Are You Climbing!: Muscovites Opened A Repair Shop For Women

Video: Where Are You Climbing!: Muscovites Opened A Repair Shop For Women

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Video: The Repair Shop Series 7 Episode 1 2023, February

For three years in a row, Nadya, Julia and Sonya are a real team. The name of the brigade - Woman Labor - translates as “female labor”. Which is not surprising: armed with all sorts of tools, the girls are engaged in repair work in apartments like themselves. That is, for women. Now the trinity has decided to open a women's repair shop in Moscow. Why is this necessary, why are male masters bad, is gender important in repairs and why are the consultants in building materials stores so stupid MOSLENTA talked with Nadia Borets and Sonya Vaneyan.

Woman Labor - what is it all about? Well, if that's the answer in two sentences.

NB: I'll start a little from afar: we regularly came across the fact that male masters did not complete repairs for our friends, abandoned them halfway through, and behaved rudely. Not all the time, no, but often. That is why in 2016 we - that is, me and Julia - installed a toilet bowl for one of our friends and built a staircase in her country house, and decided to launch this project. "What if it comes in?" - we thought, and posted an announcement in the Sister to Sister women's self-help group that, they say, there is a women's team that provides repair services to other women, regardless of whether they have a husband, brother or matchmaker. Orders went very quickly.

What, if not a secret, have you been doing before?

NB: I worked as a production manager in outdoor advertising, then as a printer. And in parallel, she helped her girlfriends and friends to make repairs. Julia worked in the production of kitchens, then - in an electrical company.

SV: I am an artist who has always gravitated towards manual labor. I did various exhibitions, built something, was a little fond of carpentry. Therefore, from the very beginning I followed the Woman Labor project and really wanted to join it. Which I did a couple of years ago. Now I understand that renovation is what I like to do the most in my life, an area where I feel that I am self-actualizing. Plus, the thrill, of course, is that we ourselves plan our day, the load, there is no foreman or other boss above us to report to. In short, we have an absolutely horizontal organization of three people, but with the prospect of expansion.

Do the three of you have some kind of separation of duties? Well, there, someone specializes more in plumbing, someone in electrics, someone hangs shelves.

NB: There is no clear division. But let's say I really enjoy tinkering with plumbing. At the same time, I can also sand the walls, because Yulia does not like to do this. But she loves an electrician. And I do not like to glue wallpaper.

SV: In short, we try to focus on our preferences, but we know how to do everything. True, we do not do everything. For example, we do not install windows or repair household appliances. This still requires separate skills.

Photo: provided by the heroines of the material

Speaking of skills, have you been so handy since childhood? Who taught you and who did the housework in your family: mom or dad?

SV: In my family, there was no such division and delegation of responsibilities. This is the time. Two: I am very lucky that my passion for manual labor by my parents has always been supported and encouraged. Therefore, I did not come across any prejudices and stereotypes about who should do what. Who taught me? I do not know. Probably, I learned everything myself, carefully looking around and finding the answers that interest me on the Internet.

An amazing thing, to be honest. I remember when I was in school, there was a clear division in labor lessons: girls learned to cook and sew, boys sharpened parts and sawed.

NB: Yes, it was. But this is all nonsense, of course.After all, it is much more correct for boys and girls to learn something based on their interests, and not on the basis of their gender. Listen, my mother used to make stools herself! And as a child, I loved to go with my dad to the garage. I also remember that somehow a socket fell out in my room, and I put it in place with the help of plasticine. Dad criticized me, of course, but immediately said: "Come on, I'll show you how it should be!" And he showed it. That was great. And I hated labor lessons, because aprons and dressing gowns had to be sewn there. While my mother was sewing everything that was needed for me, I read in a textbook about twisting wires, how to put a plug and install sockets correctly.I am sure that this is very important knowledge: now we are often called by women whose light bulb in the socket has burst, and they do not know what to do with all this, although all you have to do is take the pliers, cut out the shield and unscrew the rest of the light bulb.

SV: These are basic everyday things that are useful to be able to do for absolutely all women in order to be independent of their gender!

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NB: Exactly! I remember a case when they wrote to us: "Come urgently, we ask you very much!" But we could not quickly and arrived only three days later. And all this time, three female students were sitting in the apartment without electricity. Why? Because their light bulb exploded and cut off the flap, the existence of which, by the way, they had no idea. Poor people It's good that at least they had a gas stove. Do you understand, yes? This is what the gender division of labor leads to!

How often do you encounter a critical attitude towards your views and your occupation?

SV: We read all the time in our group on social networks: “Where are you climbing!”, “Yes, what have you forgotten there ?!”, “Why do you need this dirty work, you girls!”, “I would not let the woman go further plates! " All this is written by men. On the part of women, rather, some kind of inspiration comes: "It's great that one of us is able to do this!", "I want to learn too!"

Maybe men are just jealous?

NB: I don't think so. It seems to me that the majority of men, unfortunately, believe that a woman is simply not capable of such activities. Well, it's like motorists who, like, jokingly, men compare to a monkey with a grenade. Although, according to statistics, women get into accidents much less often than men.

Photo: provided by the heroines of the material

SV: And it also seems to me that men are just afraid. For them, a clear division into masculine and feminine is like a comfort zone.

Who are your main clients?

SW: Women under 60. But I think it's because those who are older just use the Internet much less often. Although once our 70-year-old grandmother called us, apparently, having found our number thanks to word of mouth. And so call and write to us and saleswomen, and teachers, and businesswomen - anyone.

What is their main motivation? Fear of letting an unknown repairman home?

NB: First, yes, these are security considerations. Secondly, the fact that we are doing everything carefully. Third, we explain a lot. We do not talk too much, but in a situation where the woman we came to really wants us to explain everything to her and show her the entire sequence of our actions, we explain and show everything. Here we put the waterproofing, here we fill the floor, here we do this and that. And we can also let our client do something with her own hands, for example, drill something. Although they are often very afraid to even approach the puncher. Like, it is big, heavy, noisy. And also respectful human attitude, respect for distance and boundaries are very important for them. It is important that they are not treated with condescension, not taught and Yes, and not harassed, as from time to time zhekovsky workers do.

SV: Similar situations arise in hardware stores, when a woman asks a consultant with a question, and in response she hears ridicule."What, are you picking up a puncher for the new bow?" Is this really professional? A man ignores the client's requests, his immediate duties only in order to show the woman that she is not meddling in her own business. Both we and our clients have encountered this.

NB: One of our acquaintances, a single mother with three children, who is doing repairs in her apartment, told how she came to buy a plane with her two-year-old son in her arms. "Do you take the boy's toy?" the consultant immediately asked her.

Don't be offended by fools. Better tell me: what orders do you receive most often?

NB: If we talk about little things, then most of the requests are related to electrical and plumbing: hang chandeliers, install sockets, replace a mixer or toilet. By the way, it is these things that we plan to teach all women who wish in our workshop. As I said, these are, in principle, very important skills. Well, besides, we often work on large orders, so physically we sometimes do not have time to go out for such a trifle.

SV: I will add: even if a woman does not have a desire to do something with her own hands, armed with knowledge, she will at least be able to competently control what the masters do to her.

NB: This is very important! You can't even imagine how often we redo everything for men from the YouDo Internet service. They seem to be unfamiliar with fasteners at all! Let's say they hang kitchen shelves on black screws.

This is bad?

NB: Very much! Black self-tapping screws are intended only for wood and drywall, because they are hardened, therefore very fragile. Kitchen and bookshelves fall because of this. And it's good, if not on my own head, instead of yellow screws, they tried to slip black ones on the market. Like, yes, okay, what is there! An unprepared woman will not even pay attention to this. Or a man comes from the same site. He has a drill - an eight, and a dowel - a six, and nothing else is with him. How can this be? It is clear that the dowel in such a hole will not fully open, which means it will not hold anything. And the woman thinks: "Aaa, he has a drill. Good" And gives 4500 rubles for the work. We were remodeling electrics, plumbing

Your most difficult order

NB: Our very first order! Then Julia and I undertook to make repairs in the room where the guy and the girl lived. Before that, we glued the wallpaper many times, putty it. Here and there: we came, looked, estimated, said our price, decided on the terms. But for some reason they did not insist that the old wallpaper should be ripped off. And it was necessary to do it anyway. As a result, when we peeled them off in one corner, the plaster fell on us in a huge chunk. Consequently, the volume of work and supplies has grown. The hostess was constantly nervous that there was dust everywhere, we - that we were not doing anything on time. As a result, without taking money, but having done almost everything, we left the facility. Morally it was very hard

Photo: provided by the heroines of the material

"Borscht and reinstalling Windows are also within our power," you write on your page. What, were you also asked to cook borscht?

NB: We really can do it all. Although borscht was mentioned more for a joke.

Do you have a lot of orders?

NB: Very much! It's good. It's bad that our managerial part is still lame, we do not have a woman who accepts and determines the timing of orders, which makes it very difficult for us to tell potential clients exactly when we will be able to take on their object. Therefore, sometimes you have to wait for us for 2-3 months. Now, let's say we're taking orders for December and January.

Do you have many competitors in Moscow?

SV: Yes, there are women repairmen here who work, however, not in a group, like us, but individually. But I'm only glad of that. There is enough work for everyone, because Moscow in this sense is absolutely not a plowed field. We have to refuse very, very many simply because we do not have time, and people are running out of deadlines!

Opening a repair shop for women in the city will help you educate colleagues?

SV: I really count on it, because we have a lot of orders.Together with our invited experts, we want to teach Muscovites what most apartment residents face: the basics of working with plumbing and electrical equipment, safety precautions, and basic tools. There will be a separate workshop on power tools that will tell you what, for example, is the difference between a screwdriver, a drill and a hammer drill. A master class on fasteners is planned, dedicated to the same dowels and screws, walls and load calculation. Master class on how to plan and budget for repairs, how to prioritize. We want to record training videos on how to, say, replace drain fittings or lay laminate flooring. And it will also be possible to come to us and, for example, make a table or a bedside table on your own.But what is also equally important: for us, opening a workshop is also a social project aimed at teaching women new skills, making them feel more free …

You can help the girls with the opening of a repair shop here.

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