Office Romance By Svetlana Ivanova

Office Romance By Svetlana Ivanova
Office Romance By Svetlana Ivanova

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Svetlana Ivanova, 32, and Dzhanik Fayziev, 56, will have their second child in the spring. They never speak publicly about the history of their relationship, and there are reasons for that.


Fatal passion

The young actress's romance with the director and producer of her mature years began in 2011 on the set of the film “August. Eighth ". The piquancy of the situation is that Ivanova at that time broke up with her common-law husband - operator Vyacheslav Lisnevsky, and Fayziev was married. The director has been married to Lina Espley for almost 20 years, the couple has an adult son and daughter. Lina graduated from the acting department of the Moscow Art Theater School, but did not work by profession - she became a housewife and an exemplary wife. The marriage was strong, no one in life would have said that an office romance would destroy it.

Ivanova and Fayziev came up with a name for the baby. But this is a secret even for loved ones

After completing the shooting, Janik Fayziev could not put an end to the relationship with Ivanova. Circumstances developed in such a way that the couple turned out to be tied for life: Svetlana at the beginning of 2012 gave birth to a daughter, Polina. Since then, the actress has never voiced the name of the child's father. But there is no doubt that this is the daughter of Janik Fayziev. Colleagues knew about this from the very beginning. The lovers continued their "secret" meetings after the birth of their daughter: they were seen either hugging at the airport, or at a late dinner with kisses in a cafe … Janik took an active part in raising his daughter. They knew about his second family not only in cinematic circles - one day the moment came that it ceased to be a secret for his lawful wife.

Came out of the dusk

In 2015, Janik officially left for Svetlana. Moreover, he managed to maintain friendly relations with his ex-wife.

In an interview, Svetlana said that their daughter adores her father: “She is very attached to him. In her attitude - a combination of girlish delight and light fright. " Polina is growing up as an artistic girl and has already appeared on stage with her mother - in the play "Three Comrades" by the Sovremennik Theater. Svetlana and Janik are now going out together, while in none of the interviews Ivanova did not mention the name of her beloved man.

Svetlana Ivanova declassified an interesting position in February: first on the air of the Good Morning program, and then on the Evening Urgant program. Photo: Channel One

Two years ago, the family moved from Ivanova's kopeck piece in the Oktyabrsky Pole area to an elite five-room apartment in the center, in the Chistye Prudy area. There is a lot of space - almost 100 square meters. Janik Fayziev is a successful and wealthy man. One of his last works is the blockbuster Legend of Kolovrat, where he is a director, screenwriter and producer. Svetlana acts a lot and makes good money: in 2018 we will see her in the series "Pregnancy Test-2". She participated in the filming of the popular project, already being pregnant with her second child. The series will be filmed after Svetlana gives birth. It will happen in the spring.

The actress's relatives live in Israel, so she is considering giving birth in this country - away from prying eyes. Once again becoming a mother, Svetlana plans to complete the work begun and take a short break. She can afford not to act at all and only deal with her family. “Now my life at home is brighter than on the set,” Svetlana admits.

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