Women Who Became Famous For Their Overt Sexuality

Women Who Became Famous For Their Overt Sexuality
Women Who Became Famous For Their Overt Sexuality

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Rahab - The Collapse of the Walls of Jericho Rahab has always been called a strong and independent woman. However, 2 thousand years BC. a strong independent woman could only engage in prostitution. And besides the beauty of Rahab, she was also far-sighted. According to legend, the girl decided to provide housing for two spies of Joshua, who was planning to seize Jericho. And when the city walls fell, Joshua killed all the townspeople, leaving only Rahab and his family alive. Teresa Berkeley - popularizing BDSM At Teresa Berkeley's establishment in London, wealthy Britons could enjoy the usual service for schools, but unusual for bedrooms - flogging. Teresa had a whole arsenal of tools for BDSM lovers. Particularly popular was the "Berkeley horse" - thanks to this device, the gentleman was firmly seated, which made it possible to whip him thoroughly. Jeanne Dubarry - French Revolution The last love of the King of France, Louis XV, earned a living by sewing and prostitution. Until that time, until a lucky chance brought her to the king's bedroom.

After that, Louis could not deny his beloved anything. And as a proof, he was going to give a diamond necklace to Jeanne. However, the king passed away and the jeweler was never paid. But soon a woman appeared in the workshop, introducing herself as a friend of the queen, and announced that Marie Antoinette would still buy the jewelry. After that, no one else saw the money or the necklace. Veronica Franco - a contribution to women's education in the 16th century Veronica, being the daughter of a merchant, always hoped for a profitable marriage. However, after several months of marriage, she wanted to leave because of a boring and monotonous life. At the age of 20, Veronica was already known as the most brilliant courtesan in Venice. According to the girl, reading books in libraries or composing plays at leisure is a much more useful activity than marriage. Nell Gwynne - strengthening the role of women in the theater Nellie lost her father and mother as a child. And all that remains of them is her body. The girl had to work as a prostitute in order to somehow support herself, but most of all she was attracted by the theater.

At that time, women were just beginning to enter the stage, and Nelly was one of them. Charles II noticed her at a time when the future actress was in his "harem of favorites".

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